Top Summer Vacation Spots in Canada – Touring Prince Edward Island

top summer vacation spots in canada

Next Stop - Prince Edward Island

Our next stop on our tour of the top summer vacation spots in Canada is Prince Edward Island, commonly referred to as PEI. Prince Edward Island, a small island off the east coast of Canada, is famous for many things including the miles and miles of hot white sandy beaches, as well as the vast array of golf courses.

Although the winters can be somewhat rough on the east coast of Canada, the summers in Prince Edward Island are hot, which makes it perfect for a fun summer vacation for the whole family. Look at all the beaches!

beaches on prince edward island

Let’s Go Swimming

With miles of hot sandy beaches to explore on Prince Edward Island, you will find that one of the most popular beaches is known as Cavendish Beach.

cavendish beach

Play Some Golf

If you love to golf then PEI is the perfect location for you to plan to spend your summer vacation. Golfing on Prince Edward Island is simply amazing.

golfing on PEI

With over 30 golf courses for an avid golfer to choose from PEI offers some of the best golfing in Canada. Anyone that enjoys golfing will love the many golf vacation packages available such as:

  • For the Ladies
  • Guys Getaway
  • Family Fun
  • Couple Escape
  • Short Stays

Go Kayaking

You will enjoy a beautiful view of the coast of PEI when you take your family on a PEI kayaking adventure. From the water you will be able to enjoy the amazing sand dunes, regal red cliffs and beautiful landscapes.

Have Lots of Fun at the Waterparks and Amusement Parks

These are two of my favourite summer time activities. I love waterparks and amusement parks. On Prince Edward Island you will find two very popular amusement parks and two very exciting waterparks.

When you go to Sandspit Amusement Park you will enjoy rides such as the Tilt-A-Whirl, Scrambler, Paratrooper, Rok-N-Rol and the Cyclone Roller Coaster. Your kids will enjoy the Bumper Cars and Bumper Boats, along with sliding down the 50 foot slide.

Pack up the kids and enjoy a great day at Shining Waters Family Fun Park. 

As you can see, Prince Edward Island offers something fun for everyone in your family, so pack up and head to PEI this summer.


    • Anthony Thompson

      Anthony Thompson 05/22/2012 11:10 a.m. #

      Prince Edward Island looks so picturesque and beautiful, and I bet that it's a pleasant place to visit even in the Winter. Unfortunately, I don't know how to Kayak, but I would learn just to do it on this island. I don't golf, but with over 30 golf courses, Prince Edward Island must be a golfer's paradise. However, my favorite spot would be the waterparks and amusement parks. Beautiful post, Sicorra!

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 05/22/2012 11:22 a.m. #

      Thanks very much Anthony! I agree with you, it does look beautiful there. Like you, my favorite spot would be the amusement and water parks.

    • LifeInTransition

      LifeInTransition 05/22/2012 12:49 p.m. #

      Sounds like a fantastic place! I would definitely go for the beaches. They look less crowded than the well-known popular ones in the US

    • Crystal Evanisky

      Crystal Evanisky 05/22/2012 1:24 p.m. #

      we've actually travelled to PEi twice before we had kids. we are absolutely in love with it and dream of going back all the time. Our retirement plans include purchasing a home there in the future. Its so beautiful out there.
      We were there for Canada Day one year and the celebrations in Charlottetown were amazing. It was so great to see Canada celebrated in such a huge way that you don't find out in the prairies. Oh man, i just can't say enough about this place.....

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 05/22/2012 2:45 p.m. #

      @LifeInTransition - Yes perhaps the beaches are less crowded, maybe because there are so many to choose from.

    • Budget & the Beach

      Budget & the Beach 05/22/2012 2:49 p.m. #

      Looks beautiful!!

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 05/22/2012 2:50 p.m. #

      @Crystal - Thanks for the great review of PEI :-)

      I have to say that I haven't been yet, but you plus all the reading I did about it make it sound like the place to be, especially for Canada Day. I think it is great that you have plans to move out there when you retire. When I was doing my research I read comments from people who grew up in PEI, moved away for work, and cannot wait to go back and live in PEI again.

    • AverageJoe

      AverageJoe 05/22/2012 4:59 p.m. #

      ...and the bucket list gets longer.

      Great review. Sign me up!

    • My Canuck Buck

      My Canuck Buck 05/22/2012 6:42 p.m. #

      P.E.I is amazing. I love the fact it's so small, but there's still so much to do - and it doesn't take long to get anywhere. I went to Charlottetown, saw the musical Anne of Green Gables, and of course, went to Green Gables (Cavendish, I think). Also, be sure to hit a "COWS" store for awesome shirts and ice cream.

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 05/22/2012 7:05 p.m. #

      @My Canuck Buck - Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! I heard about COWS for their delicious ice cream and seeing Anne of Green Gables must have been fun. I would love to see it!

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