Don't Worry, Be Happy

dont worry be happy

I wanted to share some thoughts with you that I find very inspiring.

Simplify – De-Clutter

Drop the need to be right

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Stop the negative talk – inner and outer

Quiet Mind

Reduces problems

Answers appear

Silence heals

Stop Chasing Happiness

It is inside you

Stop seeking

Happiness is natural

It is not possessions or attachments

Stop Worrying

Focus on today

Things happen when ready

Focus on what’s right

Not what’s wrong

Guilt is past

Worry is future

Live In The Now

Surrender to “what is”

Tomorrow is not guaranteed

Drop the past

Release the future

Drop “if only”

Be content as is

Be happy “now”

Drop “I’ll be happy when”


Release the outcome

Trust the journey. 


    • Jai Catalano

      Jai Catalano 06/13/2012 6:58 a.m. #

      Very inspirational. Happiness is inside of us and isn't dictated by money. It's a hard concept to follow but so true once you find true happiness. Thanks for making my day a bit happier.

    • Budget & the Beach

      Budget & the Beach 06/13/2012 7:50 a.m. #

      Thanks! I need to take those words to heart!

    • AverageJoe

      AverageJoe 06/13/2012 8:01 a.m. #

      I'm glad I visited this morning! Some great Zen thoughts. "Quiet mind" is the toughest one for me.

    • Stephanie @ Empowered Dollar

      Stephanie @ Empowered Dollar 06/13/2012 9:18 a.m. #

      I'd also add "Regret is a useless emotion. Besides, at one point, you wanted to do what you did" :)

    • Anthony Thompson

      Anthony Thompson 06/13/2012 10:59 a.m. #

      This has to be one of the most innovative posts that I've read in a long time. In just a few short words you've managed to present some powerful personal development concepts that normally takes up 200 pages in book form. Very nice, Sicorra! These are great thoughts!

    • Kathleen @ Frugal Portland

      Kathleen @ Frugal Portland 06/13/2012 2:14 p.m. #

      So well said. All of it! Trusting the journey is the hardest part.

    • Marissa @thirtysixmonths

      Marissa @thirtysixmonths 06/14/2012 1:11 p.m. #

      "Surrender to “what is”" is my motto right now. Life is meant to lived, not worried about.

    • Aloysa @ My Broken Coin

      Aloysa @ My Broken Coin 06/14/2012 6:25 p.m. #

      Simple and beautiful. And right to the point.
      I really need on simplification more. So far I am not doing too great. It is, however, my top priority for this year.

    • Katie

      Katie 06/14/2012 7:05 p.m. #

      Perfectly said. I need to concentrate on the live in the now. Very inspirational.

    • Hank

      Hank 06/15/2012 5:05 a.m. #

      Great tips! They are definitely very inspiring. Thanks!

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