Let’s Get Personal, 21 Things You Probably Don’t Know

mamma mia

I wanted to do a simple, fun post today that I know a lot of other bloggers have done as well. Occasionally my day to day posts include bits of personal information, but not often.

So today’s post is completely personal. It is a list of 21 things you probably don’t know about me.

1.  I love to travel. I’ve been to the UK and a variety of fun places in Europe, including Spain and Germany. Cruising around the Caribbean is something I have done a number of times. I get very excited everytime a big new ship is launched, and I use to dream about working on cruise ships. My favorite cruise was a 14 day cruise we did from Fort Lauderdale, through the Panama Canal and ending in San Francisco.

2.  My favorite comfort food is anything with dark chocolate, especially dark chocolate cheesecake.

3.  Don’t drink, don’t smoke, a line from the song Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant could have been written about me. I’ve never smoked, but I’m sure I received plenty of second hand smoke from my mother when I was younger.

4.  Dude, what’s your sign? I’m a Leo.

5.  My favorite colour is the colour of celery, followed closely by purple.

6.  I’ve never had a cup of coffee, but I love hot chocolate.

7.  My favorite TV show to watch is on Sunday nights. It is Long Island Medium. The night before my mother passed she told us that she could see people she knew waiting for her in heaven.

8.  When I went to college interest rates were 22%. The interest from my childhood savings account covered the cost of my college tuition.

9.  I’ve purchased and sold 3 homes, making a nice profit on each one. I bought the first one for $138,000 and sold it for $180,000. The second one cost $133,000 and sold for $160,000. We paid $365,000 for the last one and sold it for $581,000 just before Christmas of 2009.

10.  The worst car I have ever owned was a Chrysler. I remember times when I would be on the highway doing 120 KMS an hour and suddenly the car would just slow down on its own to the point where I would have to pull off of the road and sit for 20 minutes before I could drive it again. Apparently the filter on the gas line was clogging up. It was quite weird and took a while for the mechanics to figure out the problem.

11.  I prefer small social gatherings versus very large social settings. When I attend conferences or networking meetings I have to push myself to visit with others, but at the same time I can stand in front of a class of 40 people that I do not know and do presentations without fear.

12.  We have two of the sweetest cats that we consider our children. We adopted both of them at different times and they get along so well. They love to play and cuddle with us.

13.  When I was young I went to quite a few family weddings. The largest wedding had over 700 guests with 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen. It was huge!

14.  My favorite Broadway musical is Mamma Mia with ABBA. We saw it twice at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

15.  I love dressing up, but my daily outfit is jeans and a sweater.

16.  I only own 5 pairs of shoes, which is completely unusual for a girl.

17.  I took a motorcycle driver training course to get my licence and to prove to myself that I could do it even though I was quite scared.

18.  My favorite time of the year is anytime when the weather is mild and the sun is shining. Every once in a while we get winter days like that and I love the break from the bitter cold.

19.  I live in a huge expensive city but dream of living in a small town one day.

20.  My retirement funds are invested in real estate and oil & gas, and I am excited at how well those investments are doing.

21.  I go to Las Vegas every year and love winning at Craps.

Okay, that is about it for now.

Please leave a comment about something that we online don’t already know about you.

And, if you are in the mood to do a similar fun post about yourself so that we can learn more about you, that would be great. Come back here after you publish it, leave a comment, and I will add a link to your post.


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    • Michelle

      Michelle 10/23/2012 6:24 a.m. #

      WOW 22% interest rates! I would have a heart attack.

      Good to know all of this about you :)

    • John S @ Frugal Rules

      John S @ Frugal Rules 10/23/2012 10:08 a.m. #

      Thanks for sharing so much about yourself. I can relate to #11. I hate being in large group settings, I'd much rather be in a small group. I too have to force myself to speak to others at a large social setting.

    • CF

      CF 10/23/2012 10:32 a.m. #

      Yeahhhh Leo! :D

      I'm impressed with your real estate stats! We have yet to sell one of ours - with prices as high as they are in Vancouver, I'm being patient to make sure that when we sell, we do turn a good profit.

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 10/23/2012 10:59 a.m. #

      @Michelle - Thanks! Yeah, interest rates were fun once upon a time.

      @John - We definitely have #11 in common. I find small groups more fun and conversations get more personal.

      @CF - I think Vancouver is the highest in Canada this year, isn't it? I find a good profit happens after 4 to 5 years of owning. Wishing you the best on making a good profit on your property!!

    • Savvy Scot

      Savvy Scot 10/23/2012 12:08 p.m. #

      Nice post! I like that you admit your passion for gambling ;) My comfort food is also cheesecake, however I will choose a Milk choc one ;)

    • Lauren Bee

      Lauren Bee 10/23/2012 12:09 p.m. #

      Loved this! I went to Vegas for the first time this past summer and loved it. I'm dying to go back!

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 10/23/2012 12:15 p.m. #

      @Savvy Scot - I like your choice of the word passion. I sometimes wonder if it would be an addiction for me if I lived in Las Vegas.

      @Lauren Bee - Isn't Las Vegas exciting? I think there is something for everyone, whether they gamble or not.

    • Call Me What You Want Even Cheap

      Call Me What You Want Even Cheap 10/23/2012 1:31 p.m. #

      I love cruising as well. I was in Spain last month. Loved it!

      I am thinking about going to Vegas soon. Any hotel recommendations! Also any tips on food? I heard it's expensive.

    • Debt and the Girl

      Debt and the Girl 10/23/2012 3:07 p.m. #

      Wow! You have done great in real estate. Do you flip houses? I really would like to do that one day. We have had some really cheap homes come up in this area and I would love to one day buy some and fix them up cheap.

    • Catherine

      Catherine 10/23/2012 3:11 p.m. #

      Great minds must think alike, we have very similar posts today :) I can't wait to go to vegas although I don't gamble haha. I also like your color choices!

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 10/23/2012 3:38 p.m. #

      @Call Me What You Want Even Cheap - Spain is so beautiful.

      There are some amazing deals in Las Vegas. You can stay at the Mandalay Bay for $65 a night.

      It is at the end of the strip, across from the MGM.

      Or you could stay at the new hotels at City Center for about $109 per night. I sign up on each of their websites to receive their email promos.

      Yeah, I guess the food is expensive. We mostly only eat twice a day, brunch and dinner. There are some nice, but less expensive places at NewYork NewYork.

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 10/23/2012 3:41 p.m. #

      @Debt and the Girl - No, I owned each of those houses. My husband and I seriously looked into flipping houses back in 2007 when all of those flipping houses shows were on TV. We found many cheap homes in Saskatchewan and we were told that the economy was going to boom there and to buy early. We chickened out, and deeply regret it, because house prices tripled and are still going up.

      If you find a good deal, do some research and highly consider it.

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 10/23/2012 3:42 p.m. #

      @Catherine - That's cool that we did this on the same day. I will drop by and check yours out. I wonder how long the flight to Vegas would be from your neck of the woods?

    • Kim@Eyesonthedollar

      Kim@Eyesonthedollar 10/23/2012 10:01 p.m. #

      Great post idea. I may do a similar one soon. I've never had a Crysler, but we did rent one once. We were driving down the interstate at a good speed, and it just stopped running, all functions shut down. We managed to get safely to the shoulder, but had to wait 3 hours for a tow truck. Would never buy one after that experience.

    • KK @ Student Debt Survivor

      KK @ Student Debt Survivor 10/23/2012 11:32 p.m. #

      I really like Long Island Medium too. My bf things I'm a little nutty because of it, but I think she's great.

      Random fact- I was voted, "most studious" in my school's superlatives. I always thought that was funny because I got good grades, but definitely was not the "nose in the books" type, in fact I barely studied (now I wish I had tried a little harder and pushed myself more, but life and learn, right?).

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 10/24/2012 10:03 a.m. #

      @Kim - If you do a post I will link it here too. Very interesting that we had a similar experience with Chrysler cars. I haven't owned one since then either and never will. I love GM.

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 10/24/2012 10:09 a.m. #

      @KK - Yes some people just don't buy into mediums. I think she and her whole family are so funny.

      Congrats on the vote! I know what you mean about wishing now that we had studied more back then. I think that way sometimes too.

      BTW - saw your comment on Plunged in Debt about smelt fishing. When I was a kid my parents took us all the time and always in the middle of the night.

    • sean@freesnatcher.com

      sean@freesnatcher.com 10/24/2012 11:55 a.m. #

      Props to a fellow Leo :-)

    • Corina Ramos

      Corina Ramos 10/24/2012 2:55 p.m. #

      This was a great, fun post to read. I can definitely relate to #6 and I love chocolate - doesn't necessarily have to be for comfort : )

      Something no one knows about me in the online world? I have a major phobia for big roaches (the ones that fly around). I strongly believe they chase me! And once when the family got home from dinner there was one flying around by the front door, I almost knocked down my son as I ran to get inside LOL! Have a great day!

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 10/24/2012 3:01 p.m. #

      @Corina - I love your story! That is so funny! I do the exact same thing with pesky mosquitoes.

    • Pauline

      Pauline 10/24/2012 3:09 p.m. #

      Cool post! I'll prepare one when I get the chance. Random facts: I speak six languages and I have cried in front of too many TV shows!

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 10/24/2012 3:55 p.m. #

      @Pauline - Six languages? What an accomplishment. It makes complete sense considering the amount of traveling you have done.

    • Kathleen @ Frugal Portland

      Kathleen @ Frugal Portland 10/24/2012 4:34 p.m. #

      LOVE this -- let's see. I was a vegetarian for a decade, and now I eat paleo-style, so the only thing I have in common with my past self is the fact that I eat a GREAT DEAL of vegetables!

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 10/24/2012 5:10 p.m. #

      @Kathleen - Thanks Kathleen! I read a lot about the Paleo Diet last year. There are so many good recipes online too. Good for you for following it. :-)

    • DC @ Young Adult Money

      DC @ Young Adult Money 10/24/2012 5:50 p.m. #

      Three comments:

      1 - "I’ve never had a cup of coffee, but I love hot chocolate." I used to not like coffee, but after drinking it for a while I started to really like it. It's probably better not to get addicted - I don't know how to function without my cup in the morning!

      2 - Awesome that you go to Vegas every year! I would love to make a quick trip out there each year...maybe once we are further along in our careers.

      3 - Incredible gains on the houses! Seriously that's insane! We bought a house last week (yes, about a week ago, and our first one at that) and hope that we can turn it around for a profit in a few years...the market is so unpredictable tho.

      Thanks for sharing all that!

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 10/24/2012 7:12 p.m. #

      @DC - Thanks for stopping by! You sound much like my husband. He only started drinking coffee several years ago too, and rarely misses a day.

      You guys need to go to Vegas for a weekend. It doesn't have to cost a whole lot. Hope you are enjoying your new home!!

    • AverageJoe

      AverageJoe 10/24/2012 8:12 p.m. #

      I'm a big fan of craps also. I'm not much into gambling, but when I do, it's craps all the way....

    • Budget and the Beach

      Budget and the Beach 10/29/2012 4:39 p.m. #

      I prefer small social gatherings too. No coffee though? ever! wow! :)

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