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Whether you blog on a full-time basis, as a side hustle, or as a hobby, you know that a lot of planning goes into writing and managing a blog. There are many tasks that you need to do, and to keep track of, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Some of us keep track of things in our head, while others create written to-do lists or online to-do lists to try to help ourselves stay on top of things.

But as we begin to blog more frequently we start to realize that we may be forgetting important tasks because our to-do lists may not be as current or as accurate as they need to be.

Eventually we begin to feel frustrated and overwhelmed by all of the required tasks and may even consider throwing in the towel.

Let’s face it – there are only so many hours in a day. By the time you get some sleep, shower, clean your house, prepare and eat your meals, go to work, play with your kids – where do you find the time to manage your blog?

Managing Your Blog Well Includes Doing the Following Tasks

  • Writing blog posts
  • Editing blog posts
  • Publishing all of your blog posts
  • Writing and submitting guest posts to other blogs
  • Brainstorming ideas for new content
  • Creating weekly round-ups, if that is something that you do
  • Researching trending topics
  • Designing and managing contests\giveaways
  • Organizing and managing your editorial calendar
  • Moderating comments
  • Replying to comments
  • Replying to emails
  • Commenting on other blogs
  • Submitting your blog posts to appropriate blog carnivals
  • Writing and publishing eBooks and\or Webinars
  • Managing your online presence through social media
  • Managing your online newsletter
  • Managing your advertising and other monetization methods
  • Organizing your RSS Reader
  • Uploading and optimizing your images and videos
  • Organizing interviews
  • Performing regular blog maintenance
  • Reviewing and analyzing your traffic stats
  • Keeping track of expenses
  • Keeping track of renewal dates for your domains and hosting account

Aside from quitting, you have a couple of other choices. You can hire someone to manage your blog for you, as some of the popular blogs like MoneySavingMom does.

In fact you could actually hire a Virtual Assistant to do all of the above blog management tasks for you. Or you could do the tasks that you enjoy and hire her to do the rest.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you with your blog is that if you want to, or need to, take time away from your blog, for whatever reason, no one will ever know, as your Virtual Assistant will ensure that everything is running smoothly, just as it does when you are around.

A big advantage of hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you with your blog is that they work remotely in their own office anywhere in the world.  This eliminates the need to have staff in your home office. 

The second advantage is that you hire them for the exact amount of time you need their services and you only pay for that time. This is extremely beneficial for bloggers with a limited budget. 

Download a Blog Planner

Did you know that you can use a Blog Planner to organize everything that you need to do? A Blog Planner is very similar to a daily calendar that you may already be using to organize other aspects of your life.

If your blog is new and you aren’t at a point where you want to use a Virtual Assistant yet, then a Blog Planner will allow you to get all of your tasks organized in one handy location.

The idea to create an all in one Blog Planner came to me last week after I published a post about Time Management and how important it is to be organized.

I did some research online and found a few free Blog Planners that are PDF files that you can download to your computer. You then need to print them off and organize by month in a binder or file folder. The thing is, you then write in all of your blog post ideas, reminders and so on.

By the time the Blog Planner was printed you’ve used over 70 pages of paper.

But why would I want to carry around a binder of notes for my blog when I have my laptop or my tablet?

So instead of downloading a PDF version of a Blog Planner I created an all in one Blog Planner for 2013, using Excel.

My Blog Planner is divided up into multiple tabs to literally keep track of every aspect of blogging.

This Blog Planner includes:

  • A Weekly Editorial Calendar
  • A Daily Checklist
  • A Weekly To-Do List
  • Blog Stats
  • Conferences
  • Renewal Dates
  • Contacts
  • Blog Expenses
  • Advertisers
  • Affiliates
  • Interviews
  • Projects
  • Blog Carnivals

It includes suggestions of things you should do daily and things you should be doing weekly.

It gives you ideas of where to find blog stats and where to submit your blog posts for carnivals.

But the really cool thing is that you can adjust this Blog Planner to be anything that you want it to be. You can easily add in your notes, plan out your posts and so on. And if you change your mind about something you do not need to look for white-out as you would with a hand-written Blog Planner.

December 2012 is included too, which means you can start using this Blog Planner today.

You are welcome to download your free copy of my 2013 Blog Planner and begin using it right away.  (Click to Tweet)

Simply click on Blog Planner to download your copy. Please note that this is an Excel File.

Please share this Blog Planner with all of your blogging friends on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks!

When it comes to your blog what are your plans for 2013?



    • Boris

      Boris 12/10/2012 2:20 p.m. #

      I can manage the blog by itself fine, but when you add all the social media things you need to do, it really becomes a pain in the butt. You're right though, having a blog seems easy conceptually, but when you break down the things you must do it takes a loooot of time.

    • Catherine

      Catherine 12/10/2012 5:15 p.m. #

      Great Tool, I'm going to check it out. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Aloysa @ My Broken Coin

      Aloysa @ My Broken Coin 12/10/2012 7:50 p.m. #

      I downloaded the planner and I was awed. You've put in so much into it! It is an amazing organizing tool. How much time did you spend on it?

    • Sicorra

      Sicorra 12/10/2012 8:19 p.m. #

      @Aloysa - Thanks very much! I'm happy to hear that you like it. I spent Saturday and Sunday afternoon working on it.

      Hope it works out well for you :-)

    • Cat

      Cat 12/11/2012 7:36 a.m. #

      What a fantastic idea - I'll have to download it and start using it. I guess there's a lot more I could be doing with my blog! :)

    • Paul Profitt

      Paul Profitt 12/11/2012 1:12 p.m. #

      Hi Sicorra, When I see your list on good Blog Management it reminds me of how far I have come and how much further I still have to go. To really make my blog a true authority website.

    • Karyn S

      Karyn S 12/12/2012 8:55 a.m. #

      This was actually good to read considering at my work we have been starting to write blogs to help our SEO campaign. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jennifer Lynn @ Broke-Ass Mommy

      Jennifer Lynn @ Broke-Ass Mommy 12/12/2012 4:29 p.m. #

      Oh wow, you really did think of everything, Sicorra. What an immensely useful tool. Thank you for sharing this with the blogging community---now we really have no excuses to be disorganized!

    • KK @ Student Debt Survivor

      KK @ Student Debt Survivor 12/12/2012 5:35 p.m. #

      Holy cow I'm impressed. I'm horribly unorganized compared to you. I downloaded the spreadsheet and am in awe of all the things you track (and all the things I need to start tracking). I love to write posts and I love to read other people's blogs. Problem being I sometimes get to involved reading other people's posts I don't have time to write my own. I'm starting to block off time where I close all my windows and write in word. It's been effective. Thanks for sharing!

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 12/12/2012 7:54 p.m. #

      Thanks very much everyone! I appreciate your support and comments!

      I hope the planner works out well for you for 2013.

    • Kim@Eyesonthedollar

      Kim@Eyesonthedollar 12/12/2012 9:32 p.m. #

      How do you find the time to come up with so many good things. I honestly feel like I never get everything done. Maybe this will help. Thanks.

    • Christopher @ This That and the MBA

      Christopher @ This That and the MBA 12/14/2012 8:51 a.m. #

      Sicorra this is know what you should brand the spreadsheet....put a link on all the pages to your site..whether its a page that tells you how to fill it out or a post that tells you how to fill everything out...

      as people share the sheet it could drive traffic to your site...just a thought...

      nice spreadsheet...

    • Sicorra

      Sicorra 12/14/2012 1:44 p.m. #

      @Kim - Thanks Kim. Hope it helps you out in the new year.

      @Christopher - Thanks very much for your compliment!! As you look through it you will see that I did include links back to my blog.

      Perhaps I will do a post for the new year as you suggested. :-)

    • CanadianBudgetBinder

      CanadianBudgetBinder 12/15/2012 3:12 p.m. #

      Awesome Idea thanks! I just found it from a link in a round-up since you don't have email subscribe(or at least last time I tried to subscribe) :-)and I don't use a reader I sometimes forget to check in.. :( I usually keep my lists in a huge calendar executive book which I bought at staples. It's been working great but I'll check this out for sure. Cheers and Happy Holidays! Mr.CBB

    • Corina Ramos

      Corina Ramos 12/18/2012 12:34 p.m. #

      This is a great spreadsheet Sicorra and it made me realize your work your a&* off! That is some serious dedication and you've motivated me to see my blog's potential and gave me some great ideas to make my blog more visible! Thanks for sharing this with us!


    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 12/18/2012 1:31 p.m. #

      @Corina - Thank you so very much! I really appreciate your support and I hope you are able to find make the blog planner work for you and your quickly expanding blog.

    • Patricia Weber

      Patricia Weber 12/18/2012 2:11 p.m. #

      Wow Sicorra. This is so comprehensive. Just about 2 weeks ago I downloaded another Blog Calendar. This spreadsheet leaves nothing out! What a wonderful 2013 gift. Thank you.

    • Tackling Our Debt

      Tackling Our Debt 12/18/2012 2:27 p.m. #

      @Patricia - I really appreciate your feedback. Thank you very much! I did see the calendars where you can write in your information. I thought for those of us that spend our lives right online a digital one would be handy. Hope it works well for you!!

    • Lena @ WhatMommyDoes

      Lena @ WhatMommyDoes 12/23/2012 11:27 p.m. #

      Whoa - I know I need to do all these things, but it looks like soooo much more written down in your file! Sometimes I like to pretend all I need to do is publish posts...that way I can focus on doing that. Then I get in promotion/everything else mode for a bit. It's a difficult transition for me. When I'm worried about promoting, I can't concentrate on writing and vice versa.

    • Ronnie Berg

      Ronnie Berg 12/26/2012 noon #

      I'm embarrassed to admit I don't know a thing about spreadsheets, Excel, etc. So I guess that is something I learn. But this post will help me whether I choose to use the planner or not. Thank you!

    • Ian

      Ian 01/02/2013 7:28 p.m. #

      Wow, this is pretty great thanks! I kind of had a very rudimentary version set up, but yours is pretty nice. Thanks again for the free spreadsheet.

      • Sicorra

        Sicorra 01/02/2013 7:34 p.m. #

        Thanks for downloading it Ian! I hope it works out well for you!

    • Edgar

      Edgar 01/06/2013 7:14 p.m. #

      This is an awesome post! Great info and love the .xls!

      • Sicorra

        Sicorra 01/06/2013 8:22 p.m. #

        Thanks for checking it out Edgar!

    • Marie at FamilyMoneyValues

      Marie at FamilyMoneyValues 01/07/2013 7:43 a.m. #

      I just downloaded your spreadsheet - nice job!

    • Khaleef @ KNS Financial

      Khaleef @ KNS Financial 01/24/2013 5:48 p.m. #

      I just got a chance to look at the calendar. I am beyond impressed! Thank you so much for making this amazing resource available to us for free.

      • Sicorra

        Sicorra 01/24/2013 6:14 p.m. #

        You're welcome! Thank you very much for checking it out! I really appreciate it.

    • Savvy Scot

      Savvy Scot 02/05/2013 5:20 a.m. #

      This is amazing! Pauline linked to it over at RFI - Thanks for sharing Sicora!

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