Applying for your very first credit card can be an exciting, but also a confusing time. There are so many different credit cards to choose from, but even once you’ve narrowed down your choices and picked out a card, you still have to complete the application process. It’s important to be well informed when you apply for a credit card, lest you make a mistake or commit some other error that leads to your application being declined.

To help you get your application in without making any mistakes, here are a few very useful things you might like to know about applying for a credit card:

You should check your credit file before applying.

If your credit score is quite low, it could mean that any credit card applications you make now will be turned down. Each declined application is noted down on your credit file, potentially dragging your credit score down even more. This is why, before you apply, you should take a peek at your credit file.

You should only ever apply for one credit card at a time.

It can be tempting to send out a wave of credit card applications all at once, in the hope that at least one credit card company will approve you. However, a large number of applications made all at once can also be damaging for your credit score, especially if many of them result in a rejection letter.

It’s quicker to apply for a credit card online.

You can apply for a credit card using a paper form, but most people find it quicker and easier to apply online. You can get access to help and advice on filling in the application instantly, as well as submitting the form very quickly.

You may even hear back about your application if you submit it online.

If you do apply online, however, make sure you do so securely.

Have the right documents and information at hand.

To apply for a credit card, you’ll need to provide details relating to your current (and maybe previous) address, bank account, income, and current and past credit and debt. Have all the relevant information on hand before you apply.

Always be honest on your application form.

Don’t be tempted to submit inaccurate information or lie when you apply for a credit card, as all your details will be thoroughly checked by a credit reference agency, and there will be consequences if you’re not honest.