Curb Appeal – How to Sell Your Home Fast

how to sell your home fast

A few years ago the prices of homes were quite high in our city and we decided it was time to sell our house. Prior to meeting with several Realtors, we did a number of things to make our home sell quickly and for the highest price possible, and by doing these things, we sold it within 8 days, at a very high price.

Have you noticed home prices in your area going up recently? Are you thinking this is a good time to sell your home? Before you list it for sale, it’s a good idea to spruce it up and increase its value even further. And you don’t even have to spend too much to achieve this. There are a few easy ways to make your home a more appealing purchase for potential buyers, and help it sell faster.

Clean and De-Clutter

When you go shopping for a new house what are the first things you notice when you walk in the front door? The mess and the clutter, or a beautiful clean house?

Likewise if you want to sell your home quickly and for the highest price possible, what do you want people to see when they first walk into your house?

Of course, you can’t help the fact that your house has a lived-in look. It has been lived in. What’s important, though, is that you keep everything clean and sparkling as if it is brand new.

There are a lot of rooms that really show the wear and tear of everyday life, like the kitchen and the bathroom. Focus on these areas. Scrub everywhere in the bathroom and make sure there are no watermarks or unsightly stains.

And if you normally leave products, brushes, curling irons and dental floss lying on your counters, make some room in one of your closets that is close by and store all these items in there for the time being.

This goes for the kitchen too. Put away as many items as you can so that buyers will see how much counter space you have. By putting things away you will make your kitchen look bigger.

As well, remember to wash your windows and dust your blinds.

Line Your Driveway

It’s the first thing your prospective buyer is going to see, so obviously you have to work a bit to ensure that what welcomes them is a lovely rather than dismal sight.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money. Just create a border along the driveway to give it a more finished and elegant appearance. You can choose to use anything to line your driveway, from bricks to decorative tiles. The important thing is to make your driveway look nice and inviting.

Refinish Your Cabinets

Some people think they have to replace their cabinets and drawers in order to appeal to prospective buyers.

In reality, all you need is to have a reputable company work on refinishing your cabinet doors and drawer faces. It won’t cost that much, and your kitchen will look like new.

Work On Your Garden

Nothing says neglect like an unkempt garden. It doesn’t really take a lot of work to prune your trees and make sure the lawn is mowed and weed free.

Landscaping is one of the most important things that you need to do when you want to improve your curb appeal.

You have the option to hire experts if you don’t have time to work on your garden yourself, but it would be cheaper to handle the maintenance on your own.

Fix Household Problems

A pretty house is appealing, but buyers are looking for a house that they can actually live in.

If your house is more than a few years old, make sure you get professionals like plumbers and electricians to check all of your home’s wirings, plumbing, outlets, etc.

Get any issues fixed and ensure that your home will pass any inspections that your buyer may request.

Improve Your Front Door

It seems like a very small change, but it can actually affect the way your home looks to others. The front door is crucial because it’s the “face” of the house from the outside.

If you have a dilapidated front door with the paint peeling off, obviously it’s going to reflect poorly on you. Do a proper paint job and consider changing the door handle too. These small touches can make a difference.

Reconsider Your Light Sources

If you have any light fixtures that look extremely outdated consider replacing them with something more modern.

Repaint Your Walls

Sometimes, you don’t need a lot of work to give your home a nice lift. It’s as easy as changing the wallpaper or repainting your walls.

Patch any and all holes on your walls so that they look new again. Choose a nice neutral color that will appeal to a wide range of people.

Sell Your House

When a buyer walks into your home one of two things will happen. They will either say “Wow…” and become very excited to see your home, or, they will begin adding up in their head how much it will cost them to clean up and repair the things that you forgot to do. And as soon as they start calculating the cost of repairs you know that they will subtract that amount from their offer.

Would you rather get the highest price possible for your house and sell it quickly or do you want to be the seller that the purchaser haggles back and forth with because so many things need to be fixed?

Try out a few of these techniques to improve your home before you sell it. By doing these things you will stand out from any competition you may have in your area, and chances are very good that your house will sell quicker and for more money than the others.

Your Turn

What's the first thing you notice when you walk into someone else's home?



    • Thomas | Your Daily Finance

      Thomas | Your Daily Finance 07/22/2013 5:06 a.m. #

      Having great curb appeal does actually help sell a home. Actually the opposite was true for us though. We found a home that had horrible curb appeal. It actually help us lower the price as I guess a lot of people couldnt see the potential in the home. We have since bought the home and now the neighbors love what we have done to the home. Sometimes look for the homes without the curb appeal to save you some money but of course make it look like a million bucks when you are trying to sell it. Great grass and mulch do wonders.

      • Sicorra

        Sicorra 07/22/2013 10:29 a.m. #

        From a buyers perspective those are good points.

        But for a seller that wants top dollar, cleaning up and doing the work before listing is crucial.

    • DC @ Young Adult Money

      DC @ Young Adult Money 07/22/2013 5:40 a.m. #

      These are some great suggestions, and sometimes it can be straight up overwhelming to think of everything that should be done before putting a home on the market. Honestly you can make major changes, but making sure everything is clean is probably the most important thing you can do. Someone once gave me the suggestion that you should take all your stuff out of the shower - no one wants to think of someone else using the shower when they are looking at what could be their new home!

      • Sicorra

        Sicorra 07/22/2013 10:30 a.m. #

        I agree, it can be overwhelming. And yes, putting away as much personal stuff as you can, especially from the bathroom, shower and other areas, will really help people see what a nice home you are selling.

    • Brian @ Luke1428

      Brian @ Luke1428 07/22/2013 9:14 a.m. #

      These are great suggestions Sicorra! When we were selling our house, we rented a storage facility to put some of our furniture in. We even cleaned out our closets and stored some of our clothes there. Made the house appear as though it had more room than it actually did. It was definitely worth the extra expense.

      • Sicorra

        Sicorra 07/22/2013 11:59 a.m. #

        Excellent suggestion Brian! Clearing things out, that you can live without for that short time, really does help make it appear like your home has plenty of room. And people love that.

    • Jake @ Common Cents Wealth

      Jake @ Common Cents Wealth 07/22/2013 10:29 a.m. #

      These are all great tips. It's amazing how much the little things can affect the value of your home. A lot of times, even a few hundred dollars worth of improvements can raise the value by thousands (or be the reason your house sells). Curb appeal is pretty easy to get, but most people overlook it when they are trying to sell.

      • Sicorra

        Sicorra 07/22/2013 12:01 p.m. #

        Yes, it doesn't take a lot of cash to greatly improve the value of your home, which is a good thing, right?
        Those that don't take the time to do these repairs and clean up are simply leaving cash on the table as the buyer will either pay less or keep looking elsewhere.

    • Tanya @ The Heavy Purse

      Tanya @ The Heavy Purse 07/22/2013 12:45 p.m. #

      Great tips, SIcorra. While I've never owned a home, if I was buying (which someday I hopefully will be!) these are exactly the things I would notice. Curb appeal really draws you in. I admit to having clutter in my own home, but it would definitely be something that would catch my eye in a negative way if I was home shopping. It would make think there isn't adequate storage, plus it just makes it harder to envision your own stuff in the home.

      • Sicorra

        Sicorra 07/22/2013 7:20 p.m. #

        I think having too much stuff lying around does distract people, and as you said, it makes it more difficult to picture your life there. Plus it draws the eye away from the nice things in your home because people are only focused on the stuff.

    • Debt and the Girl

      Debt and the Girl 07/22/2013 4:21 p.m. #

      Thanks for the tips! We are thinking of putting our house on the market in the next 6 months and every piece of info helps. The market is crazy right now!

      • Sicorra

        Sicorra 07/22/2013 7:21 p.m. #

        I know, the market is getting hot again, and with interest rates still low it is a good time to sell. I wish you the best in selling your house too.

    • Corina Ramos

      Corina Ramos 07/22/2013 7:38 p.m. #

      Hey my friend...these are great tips!

      We won't be putting our house on the market for several more years but we have already started doing touch-ups like repainting rooms.

      I'm always de-cluttering the house but my husband is such a pack rat...he does 't want to get rid of anything. I'll have to keep this tip in mind the day we start showing the house to potential buyers.

      Thanks for sharing these tips! Hope you had a great day!

      • Sicorra

        Sicorra 07/23/2013 10:40 a.m. #

        Ah, so many people are pack rats but when they tour someones home they don't want to see that stuff.

        On the other hand you guys could have a garage sale with all his stuff and people would be happy to look at it :-)

        Thanks Cori ! Have a great week!

    • Gillian

      Gillian 07/24/2013 10:39 p.m. #

      Decluttering and cleaning is key! Nothing is worse than touring a home full of junk!

      • Sicorra

        Sicorra 07/25/2013 12:20 p.m. #

        Absolutely! I find it interesting too when I look at pics online of homes listed for sale by Realtors and each room in the pics is full of clutter.

    • Edgar @ Degrees and Debt

      Edgar @ Degrees and Debt 07/30/2013 7:32 p.m. #

      As a Realtor, I would say a nicely manicured lawn can really go a long way! I have had buyers step foot on a property and love it just on the grounds.

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