Do You Need To Attend College To Make A Lot of Money? [Infographic]

Debt seems like it can occur from almost anything you do. Spending too much money on vacation, over-spending on your credit card, or getting a little too crazy at a shoe sale all contribute to going into debt. The key is to be frugal in the way you spend your money and what you choose to buy, or not to buy.

Sometimes it takes a lot of practice, but the important thing is to be extremely aware of when you spend.

For college students, it's very easy to dismiss the word 'frugal' from any vocabulary and simply spend like there's no tomorrow.

However, a financial plan for all college students is a great way to start school out on the right foot--that way you can avoid falling into debt down the road.

Often, loans are one of the biggest things that cause debt, and for students in college, student loans are a very real threat. It seems like the easiest way to pay for college, but before you take out those loans, it is better to educate yourself.

Find out more with this great infographic brought to you by CedarEdLending, and you might think twice about that student loan your university is pushing on you.

37 million people are still carrying around debt that they accumulated from loans in college, and almost two million people over the age of 60 are still paying off student loans. Before you become part of the statistics, learn more about loan debt.

Do you really need to go to college to get a nice, well paid, job?

do you need to attend college to make a lot of money


    • Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Famiilies

      Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Famiilies 09/03/2013 6:38 a.m. #

      I love this infographic. I agree that going to college is very expensive. When looking for a college, shop around and make sure that you are getting your money's worth. You can even find colleges that aren't as expensive. Take the time and search for scholarships, this is something I failed to do.

    • Michelle

      Michelle 09/03/2013 8:33 a.m. #

      I think it depends. Sometimes college is needed in order to get the job that you dream of.

    • Shannon @ The Heavy Purse

      Shannon @ The Heavy Purse 09/03/2013 10:30 a.m. #

      I am a bit surprised to see that teachers ranked so highly when it comes to employment opportunities. My sister was an elementary school teacher and she loved it. But her position kept getting eliminated due to cutbacks. Eventually she had no choice but to take a job at a Corporation. She misses teaching but has better job security, which her family needs. Very interesting infographic - I love them! :)

      • femmefrugality

        femmefrugality 09/03/2013 10:01 p.m. #

        I was thinking the exact same thing! I think it might depend on which part of the country you're in. Sometimes just getting a job period can be hard if you're in an area/state that offers a good means not a lot of turnover and hard to get your foot in the door. And then all the cutbacks to education...layoffs like crazy in some parts of the country. That number seems a little high, but I guess that's because it's a median. This is a fantastically fun infographic.

    • krantcents

      krantcents 09/03/2013 6:51 p.m. #

      Interesting! My wife is a RN and I have a business degree. I went into accounting and finance and rose to CFO. I made my money in income property and achieved financial freedom. For the last 12 years, I taught business/computers in high school because I enjoy influencing young people.

    • SuburbanFinance

      SuburbanFinance 09/04/2013 9:03 p.m. #

      I make roughly $15/hr more in an entry level job with my degree than I did pre-education. Nobody would be able to work in my field without an education - it's just not done around here.

    • Mayura

      Mayura 09/06/2013 3:23 a.m. #

      Hi Sicorra,

      Nice infographic here with loads of information and stats :) Well, I can't stand when I see the word "loans" :D lol... I just hate it!

      It's nice that college students can have loans over there, but here it's a rare scenario though. Banks do offer few loans, but with parental approval. Sometimes I'm glad it go that way, 'cause some students going after pretty bad stuff but discouraged after having no money.

      It's really nice to see Software Engineering as a trending career as I've been educated for that dream job :) Probably, I'm heading alone there as a freelancer though! Working from home is just awesome if you ask me :)

      You have a nice weekend ahead :)


    • Welcome Home Moms

      Welcome Home Moms 09/06/2013 6:25 a.m. #

      Glad I looked at the above comments before posting this. Just like The Heavy Purse and femmefrugality, I'm surprised that "Teacher" is still up on the charts. When I was in college the professors were advising students to choose a different field. Maybe it's because research has shown a high percentage of teachers usually leave within the field within first three years?

    • Maggie@SquarePennies

      Maggie@SquarePennies 09/06/2013 10:21 a.m. #

      Great infographic! Before choosing a career path it's so important to find out all you can about these kinds of factors.

      Nursing and health care careers seem to be the most promising for a minimum of education, decent salary, and great job growth. RN's can continue their education later to become physician's assistants with high pay. People who do ultrasounds are paid well as are dental hygenists. It pays to do your homework!

    • Corina Ramos

      Corina Ramos 09/06/2013 11:20 a.m. #

      Love this infographic Sicorra!

      I was taken back by stripper being on here but they do make some good money. Sure there is financial security but then morals come into play.

      Then there is my sister-in-law who has a bachelor's degree in literature and is not in the position she was hoping to have and not making as much as a stripper...go figure right?

      Very informative my friend. I have to tell Marisa about Philosophy because she wants to minor in that when she goes to college...but then will it matter if it's a minor?

      TGIF and let's catch up soon!

    • Tanya @ Eat Laugh Purr

      Tanya @ Eat Laugh Purr 09/06/2013 3:12 p.m. #

      You have to love an infographic that shows strippers as one of the highest paid jobs. :) I majored in communications which is one of those nice general degrees that you can spin into almost any area. Although in all seriousness, I think most companies want to see you have a degree and worry less about what the degree is.

    • Corinne

      Corinne 09/06/2013 10:32 p.m. #

      Wow, who knew stripped made that much?
      I agree that a degree is beneficial and can help people get good paying jobs, but there are those who have no higher education and have worked really hard to be successful. i guess it depends on your chosen field and how hard you work.

      Have a great weekend!

    • Lisa

      Lisa 09/07/2013 4:31 a.m. #

      LOL, the stripper job got us all laughing Sicorra but it sure would pay the bills :) I would have thought the tax collector's job would have paid more though. Gotta love these infographics!

    • CarolB

      CarolB 09/08/2013 7:07 a.m. #

      Great info-graphic! Going to share it with my 15 year old who is starting to consider his college options. I have to proudly say that this summer he "discovered" biomedical engineering while at my alma mater, and is now considering it. Even is taking principals of engineering in high school to get a feel for what engineers do. Having two parents who spent years in the engineering field ourselves, helps too!

      Though as a fall back, I guess he can check out the last set of jobs you listed - we do have a mortician in the family!

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