Top Tips For Saving Money This Winter

tips for saving money this winter

Winter can be an expensive time of the year, what with Christmas and the increased costs of simply heating and lighting our homes over the period. So, any opportunity to save money over the winter should be grabbed with both hands! Here are some of my tips for saving some hard-earned cash by making a few simple changes in your life.

Utility Bills

This is probably the most expensive outgoing over the winter, but there are some ways you can save. Firstly, and most obviously, are you on the cheapest tariff? Using comparison sites can quickly show if you could save money with another provider and if you can, then arrange to get your account moved over to them. Don’t forget to check if any cashback deals (see below) are available when you switch. Even if you are already on the cheapest tariff, there are still some simple and practical things you can do to save some money. Turn your furnace thermostat down by just one or two degrees, make sure you turn off any lights if you are not in the room, and don’t leave chargers or other items plugged in or on standby.

Cashback Websites

How would you like to ‘earn’ money when you shop online? That’s the premise of cashback websites – simply sign up to one and when you visit online stores via the cashback website, you will get a percentage amount of your total spent credited to your cashback account. It’s that simple! It will soon become second nature to check cashback availability on any purchase you make – think of all the Christmas presents you plan to buy and how much cashback you could get from them! And cashback is not just available on everyday shopping, you can also often get it when you switch utility companies, buy car insurance or buy a new mobile phone. 


Many people have lots of different insurance policies and it is worth reviewing them all to consider whether you need them and if you are paying too much for them. For example, most people have car, contents and buildings insurance. But many also have mobile phone insurance, travel insurance, heating insurance and car excess insurance. At the very least, check how much you are paying for all your different policies and use comparison websites to make sure you are getting the best deal on each one.

Price Check Every Big Purchase

The Internet makes it really easy to find the cheapest price for anything you want to buy. If you are planning on making any purchase, run a quick search on the Internet to find out where you can get it the cheapest – but remember to factor in shipping costs if buying online. If you are out and about and find something you like in a shop, use a barcode scanner app to check the best price available – many shops will offer a price match guarantee so this is an easy way to save money.

Grocery Shopping

Food prices seem to go up and up but it is possible to save money on your grocery shopping quite easily. Why not try one of the budget supermarkets that are popping up everywhere – you’ll be amazed at the savings they can offer. If you continue to shop at your usual supermarket, try moving down a level – by this I mean if you usually buy brand name goods, try shifting to the supermarkets own brand. Or if you already buy own brand, try some of the value brand products – some can be just as good as the brand name goods but at a much cheaper price.


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      krantcents 09/29/2013 9:32 a.m. #

      Living in California, winter is mild compared to the rest of the country. I am concerned with utility bills in the summer! Last year, I switched homeowner insurance and discussed my strategy. This is a good reminder!

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