Why Would I Need Short Term Car Insurance?

why would i need short term car insurance

Have you ever borrowed a friend or family member’s car? When you did whose insurance were you covered under? I haven’t done it very often but about ten years ago I do remember a friend loaning me her car for a few weeks when I was in the process of buying a new one. At the time neither one of us even spoke about whose car insurance I would be covered under if something happened. At the time I wasn’t familiar with short term car insurance. Thankfully nothing did happen.

In hindsight I should have purchased short term car insurance, even for those few weeks that I was driving her car. Short term car insurance is typically purchased one day at a time but you can buy it for up to a month or even six months.

Examples of When You Would Need Short Term Car Insurance

Borrowing a Car

If you have family or friends visiting from out of town and you have a car that they can use, ask them to purchase short term car insurance. This will save them having to rent a car and short term car insurance will be cheaper than renting too.

Likewise, if you are visiting somewhere and you borrow someone’s car to travel around, make sure you also purchase short term car insurance first.

House Sitting

Many people have become house sitters for homes all over the world and in some cases the homeowner will offer to let the house sitter drive their car while they are away on vacation. If you ever find yourself in this situation you should definitely purchase short term car insurance. Most likely you are house sitting for someone you do not even know and the last thing you want is to damage their vehicle and end up in a lawsuit for years to come because you don’t have money to pay for the damages or injuries.

Test Drive a Car

When you go to purchase a car from someone you will most likely want to test drive it first. If something unfortunate happens whose insurance do you think would cover it? Many people would assume that any damage would be covered by the car owner’s insurance, but chances are good that it wouldn’t. Protect yourself by purchasing short term car insurance to cover you for those few days that you are out shopping around for a new car.


If you are traveling overseas you have several options for transportation. You can take the train, subway, or bus. Or you could rent a car. If you are visiting friends or family overseas and plan to borrow their car instead of renting one, you should consider daily car insurance from Insure 4 a Day.

Insurance Coverage

What does short term car insurance cover? The length of coverage may be limited, but the amount of coverage is not. In addition to liability, temporary car insurance usually covers damage to the policy owner's car, any medical expenses for passengers, and coverage for drivers with little or no insurance. The application process is quick and straightforward.


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