Five Exciting Family Friendly Vacation Spots

exciting family friendly vacation spots

When you’re single, traveling is easy. You can simply pack your bags, head out and try anything and everything you want to do without having to consider anyone else. However, when you have a family, traveling can be a little complicated. Choosing a place to go can be pretty hard especially when you have kids to consider. But despite popular belief, there are several exotic places where you can travel with your family.

The Most Exciting Family Friendly Vacation Spots


For a family that isn’t use to the exotic environment, the lovely country of Singapore is a great option. With clean streets and an organized commuter system, the city offers so many enjoyable activities for you and your family. For a little bit of adventure, USS and the island of Pulau Ubin is a great choice. For a little bit of the outdoors, the Singapore Zoo, River Safari and Jurong Bird Park are all viable options for your family. Best of all, the entire country can speak English and it’s practically impossible to get lost.

Subic, Philippines

There are a number of family friendly places in the Philippines. However, Subic is definitely one on the top of the list. The city is clean and very organized. It is the home of beautiful resorts, with Ocean Adventure and Subic Safari right within the district. In comparison to Manila, Subic is also filled with trees and parks, making it perfect for young tourists to play.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is a country of beautiful beaches and fun tourist activities. Way up north of the country is a beautiful little town, silent and sleepy, but brimming with all the simplicity of a perfect tourist destination for children. Not only is Chiang Mai easy to go around in, it’s also the perfect jump off point to Tiger Kingdom, where your family will enjoy a day with the tamed, adorable tigers. If your family is into mountains, Pai and Mae Hong Son are both accessible at just a few hours by van or motorbike. These two towns offer some of the most breathtaking views of Thailand mountains. Additionally, you and your family can also visit the Karen, traditional women of Thailand.


Somewhere at the north-west of Europe is the beautiful and exotic country of Ireland. Filled with lush green hills, romantic shorelines and scenic overlooking views of the ocean, this chilly country offers warmth in its numerous bed and breakfasts. Tourists would enjoy the hospitality of these places because owners often treat them like family. Apparently, most B&Bs were built out of huge homes once the children have grown older. Young guests of the B&Bs get to play with other children in the neighborhood.

Bali, Indonesia

A little bit of the beach, a bit of the mountains, some gorgeous temples, lots of surfing and white water rafting all in the vicinity of a few hours – that’s Bali in one sentence. What better to be than in a place where there is almost everything? When you’re traveling with your family, it’s best to find a place that has something for everybody. The beach for the kids, a little bit of wine and dine for the parents. It also has lots of adventure for the children and breathtaking views and relaxing spas for the adults. Bali’s beautiful culture and rich tradition makes it the perfect destination for learning and engaging in a different environment.

Who says travel isn’t for families? Traveling with a family may be a little more complicated, but it’s definitely possible. With lots of patience, great resources and an open mind to activities and culture, travel may just be the one thing to bring you and your family closer together.


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