Three Unusual and Exciting Options For Holiday Travel

exciting options for holiday travel

The holiday season is upon us and many people are looking for locations to get away with the family for a few days. For those living in cold climates, a sunny, warm location might be the best option, while those who live where it stays warm may want to experience a white Christmas or New Year’s Eve. However, common destinations during the holidays, such as New York City or Hawaii, depending on the weather a traveler is seeking are often crowded and expensive during the holidays. These unique travel locations, however, are unusual enough that costs to get and stay there may be more reasonable than the tourist traps many people consider when heading out over the holidays.


The country of Spain offers a vacation option for just about any type of traveler, and is currently listed by Lonely Planet travel guides as the most affordable holiday destination for 2013. For those who want to relax on a sandy beach, choose Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca, or choose Benidorm, which is known as the ultimate tourist resort.

Madrid, Barcelona and Salamanca offer excellent nightlife for those who are inclined to that type of vacation. Nature lovers will enjoy hiking in the mountains near Granada or San Sebastian, or enjoying the greenery in Santiago de Compostela. If it is cold weather and ski slopes that draw your attention, skiing is available in the Pyrenees or Sierra Nevada.


castle of the knights in kosThe financial hardships facing Greece are benefitting tourists as hotels in financially strapped tourist areas are offering significant deals to visitors. Visitors can view the crumbling Castle of the Knights in Kos Town or go off-road in Zante to see the wild side of the country. Relax by soaking in the natural hot tub at Thermes or stroll around Afitos, a beautiful seaside village. Travel to Nea Moudania town square and watch the sunset over Mount Olympus or wander down a path in Butterfly Valley of Petaloudes.

Las Vegas


Because Las Vegas is a huge party town the holidays are often slower for many of the tourist attractions in the area. Enjoy Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest or the Annual Holiday Cactus Garden at Ethel’s Chocolate Wonderland.

See millions of twinkling lights at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway at their Glittering Lights celebration. Enjoy the Sunset Wonderland Holiday Festival with an ice skating rink, photo opportunities with Santa, horse and buggy rides around the lake and a Ferris wheel.

These three unusual options for holiday travel will be a pleasant experience for the entire family, whether you want to escape the cold, snowy climates or want to experience the Hollywood version of Christmas in the snow. Visit a travel agency to learn more about these fun holiday excursions.


    • Pauline

      Pauline 12/17/2013 7:26 a.m. #

      Spain and Greece are fabulous holiday options, there is culture, good food, the beach... but you have to take at least 10 days off to make it worth it.

      • Sicorra

        Sicorra 12/17/2013 10:54 a.m. #

        Thanks Pauline! I haven't been to Greece yet, but I agree with Spain. It is a wonderful place for a vacation. 10 days would be so nice to travel through there.

    • Corina Ramos

      Corina Ramos 12/17/2013 8:57 a.m. #

      I would love to visit these places...and you know my plans in Vegas :). I just have to get over my fear of flying before I really can't go anywhere, lol.

      I love the pictures Debbie shared during her holiday gosh those were breathtaking...It make me want to go.

      Thanks for these ideas Sicorra! Have a great Tuesday! Missing our daily chats!

      • Sicorra

        Sicorra 12/17/2013 11 a.m. #

        Vegas is always fun and in December it is beautifully decorated for Christmas.
        Everyone fears something - yours being flying. Perhaps you could try a chartered bus instead.
        Have a great week!

    • Ryan @ Impersonal Finance

      Ryan @ Impersonal Finance 12/17/2013 10:26 a.m. #

      We went to Puerto Rico for our recent vacation, and did so on a budget, no less! But, I would much rather go to Europe and explore for a month or so! Vegas is fun, but much harder to do on a budget since a lot of the attractions revolve around gaming.

      • Sicorra

        Sicorra 12/17/2013 10:57 a.m. #

        I thought Vegas was all about gambling too until we went at Christmas time. As you can see in the post there are so many free Christmas events that you can attend in December in Vegas, making your trip much less expensive.

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