5 Things That Make Christmas Magical

make christmas magical

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What is it about Christmas that captures everyone’s attention? It’s probably the most awaited season of the year. It’s hard to imagine a world without Christmas. A world without Christmas would surely be a less magical place. Christmas isn’t just a religious holiday, it’s more than that. Christmas transcends religion and race. It’s celebrated enthusiastically around the world. However, no matter where it’s celebrated or who celebrates it some things remain the same. You can’t have Christmas without incorporating these elements in your celebrations. Here are 5 things that make Christmas truly magical.

Christmas Tree

christmas tree magic

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Unless you have a Christmas tree in your house, you’re not really celebrating Christmas. The tradition of decorating trees started in Germany during the 16th century. During the 19th century this practice spread to different parts of the world. Today, you can find a Christmas tree in pretty much every home you visit during the holiday season. Decorating a Christmas tree can be a lot of fun. You can forego the traditional decorations and try something special. Some people use action figures and family pictures to decorate their tree. Your tree decoration is only limited by your imagination.

Santa Claus

santa claus

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Who can forget Saint Nick this time of the year? He’s the symbol that represents the spirit of giving that Christmas is known for. Santa Claus is the reason why kids are excited about Christmas. After all, who doesn’t like waking up to free gifts? Parents take their kids to the local shopping mall to meet the friendly neighborhood Santa Claus. It’s a ritual that every parent takes part in.

You don’t want your kids to grow up not believing in Santa Claus, do you? That’s a cardinal sin and you could lose your kids to child services for that. Don’t come between a kid and his dream to meet Santa Claus.

Christmas Carolers

christmas carolers

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Not everyone is a fan of carolers, but they are an integral part of Christmas. They help spread the joy during the holiday season. Without their singing you probably wouldn’t even know it was Christmas. Sure you freeze the driveway to keep them away from your house, but deep down you like their music just as much as you like the Beatles. It’s probably because it triggers a nostalgic memory from your childhood. If you’re one of the Christmas carolers let me tell you something, people hate you, but you’re doing an important job.



It can either be a matchmaker or a tool for perverts during Christmas parties. Either way, it’s very Christmassy. It’s customary for a man and a woman to kiss when they meet under the mistletoe.

Some people may use this awesome power for the wrong reasons. So if you see some weirdo heading towards you with a mistletoe, run in the opposite direction. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Mistletoe is also used as a decorative item in cakes and Christmas trees, so its importance is paramount. Christmas is truly magical when you can get a beautiful girl to kiss you.

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christmas fruitcake

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Let’s talk about something you can eat for a second. Christmas isn’t all about the spirit you know, it’s also about the tummy. During Christmas you receive dozens of these cakes from your family and friends, contributing to your holiday weight. You better watch your waistline, or these cakes will leave you with a smile on your face and a blocked artery.

Now that you come to think of it, it wouldn’t be that bad. There are worse ways to go that don’t involve cake. How dreary would that be?

Christmas is a wonderful time that everyone looks forward to, even those who hate going to church. You’d have to be a real Scrooge to hate Christmas. Maybe you’ll be visited by 3 ghosts on Christmas Eve as well.

Then you’ll come to see how magical Christmas is and understand the true joy of giving. These elements are just as inseparable from Christmas as Jesus is. Without them you can’t realistically have a Christmas celebration. So you better have them all covered before the holiday season begins. It’s the perfect time to get the family together and have a jolly good time. After all, Christmas comes once in a year.


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