Calling All Bloggers: Sign Up - Tip Hero's New Years Kickoff Giveaway

new year giveaway

Here is your chance to participate in a giveaway and add more followers to your social media accounts. This giveaway is coming up soon, but you still have time to sign up if you want to get in on the fun. Just follow these instructions:

Sign-ups are now open for this great new giveaway event!

  • Event is free to join with an announcement post. If you don't wish to post the announcement, please send the $5 non-post fee to
  • You'll receive 1 free link for participating (either Twitter or Pinterest)
  • Additional links (RSS/Email, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest) are available for $5 each. Facebook links are now available for $15 each.
  • Sign-ups for this event close on January 13th
  • Event runs from January 15th - January 29th
  • Prize: $100 Walmart gift card

Please send all payments to as a "gift" via PayPal. Sign up for this event here.


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