Four Reasons to Appreciate Honesty and Realistic Expectations During a SWOT Analysis

swot analysis

The most effective strategy is one that has been thought out, thoroughly planned and well-developed in advance. You can plan for numerous different outcomes by paying attention to market research, analysis, and other businesses. By looking at all of the data, you should have a clear idea of where your business is heading. Although there are quite a few decisions related to your business that will need to be made unexpectedly, at the spur of the moment, you can effectively prepare and plan for many others far in advance by conducting a Strength-Weakness-Opportunities-Threat (SWOT) analysis beforehand. However, when completing this analysis, remaining honest and upholding realistic expectations is essential for a number of different reasons.

It Is Difficult to Admit Weaknesses

Focusing on weaknesses isn't something that most people enjoy doing. It is hard to admit when and where you are weak, especially within the standard business structure. Most business owners would rather spend their time focusing on their strengths instead, especially since these points seem to shed a much more positive light on their overall brand. There is also the admitted blow to the ego that many business owners find hard to swallow when dealing with too much self-reflection.

However, identifying weaknesses will allow you to focus on key areas where you could be losing potential customers and revenue. Taking this step to honestly examine both sides of this spectrum will allow you to effectively turn many of those weaknesses into strengths and prevent your business from suffering any further damage in productivity and efficiency. Being honest about your weaknesses is not being self-deprecating. Instead, it is expanding on problems, making them known, and moving forward to either work around them or fix them.

You Will Be Better Able to Identify Legitimate Opportunities

Many business people have thousands of good ideas every day. Having a great idea isn't the same thing as having an opportunity to do something new with your business. Good businessmen are inspired, great ones know when to run with their great new ideas and when to keep them in dreamland. When it comes to identifying and examining available opportunities including market size and industry forces and trends maintaining realistic expectations is of the utmost importance.

This is primarily because there will be many opportunities presented that seem legitimate and solid at first but only end up being mere illusions later. If something sounds too good to be true, common sense dictates that it is. You need to be honest about what you can bring to the table, especially when your time, money, and professional reputation are on the line. By realistically striving to find opportunities involving partnerships, markets, products and services that you can realistically pursue, you will be able to place your company on a much more profitable path of achieving potential growth and success in the future.

You Can Accept the Possibility of Unavoidable Threats

Along the same lines of weaknesses, another hard pill to swallow for most business owners is that of potential threats that are simply unavoidable within their respective industries. Just as many people thought the Titanic could never sink but were proven wrong, many business owners are forced to witness the same grim reality when it comes to their seemingly unsinkable companies.

While you may strive diligently to minimize and eliminate all internal threats, you need to accept the fact that you will face external threats within the environment of your industry that cannot be avoided. Consumer demands shifting to different products, the increasing popularity of low-cost imports as well as a drastic decline in the size of your market are both issues that pose potential threats to your business that are out of your hands. By identifying these threats honestly and realistically through your SWOT analysis, however, you will be able to stay two steps ahead when it comes to preparing yourself and your company for these “icebergs” long before they emerge.

You Can Establish a Well-Organized Approach

Another important reason to rely on honesty and realistic expectations when conducting a SWOT analysis is that it allows you to focus on establishing a well-organized approach to developing and implementing strategic solutions in your business. Working on organization skills is something that everyone should do on a regular basis. By honestly looking at your business's facts and figures, you'll be able to discuss your business with a less biased mind.

Keep in mind that you will never be able to eliminate any and every roadblock that might present itself along the way. However, maintaining realistic expectations and an honest mentality will allow you to eliminate the roadblocks that you can, while effectively addressing and overriding the roadblocks you cannot. In addition to improving your decision-making skills and the overall efficiency of your business operations, according to Business News Daily, you will be able to place your company in a position for maximum growth and exposure with minimum loss on a long-term basis.


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