Moms, you already know that YES you can have it all. You can happily be at home, raising your children, managing your household, and make money. Heck, many of you are probably already doing it. Maybe you operate a business at home to make money, or maybe you freelance and use all of your valuable skills to work on side hustles. Whatever you choose to do to make money will depend on your personal schedule, home life, and support network. If you are a mom that wants to make money, but are struggling to find something that interests you, check out these seven side hustles for moms. Side hustles are the best way to make money these days because side hustles allow you to decide how much money you will make based on how much time you want to spend working on it. Also, there is no reason why you cannot work on several side hustles at the same time.

Seven Side Hustles For Moms

Direct Sales

If you have the gift of gab then think about a direct sales business. Products like cosmetics, chocolates, candles, lingerie, or Tupperware are popular items that will sell well when you get a group of ladies together with some great food, beverages and free samples of your product!

I don’t know about you but when I’m around friends, food, wine and a catalog of products I like I can go to town!

Sell Your Crafts

If you’re crafty why not consider selling your items on sites like Etsy. Etsy is a site where you can sell your handmade items. You’ll find just about everything there. From jewelry to homemade chocolate it’s the place to showcase your craftiness.


I know it sounds old school but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scrambled around looking for a good seamstress to hem up a pair of pants fix a skirt.

If you’re good with a needle and thread why not make some extra money on the side with your sewing talents.

Once you get going you can expand your services to include draperies, cushions, duvets and placemats. Or you could consider sewing bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses.

Become A Notary

Everyone needs a notary and becoming one is about a three-step process depending on where you live. Most states will require you purchase the necessary bond and seal, fill out an application and pay a fee.

Prepare Income Tax Returns

If you think people who prepare income tax returns make money only part of the year that is a huge misconception. There are businesses that require monthly or quarterly services.

The average course takes about 10 weeks to complete so it won’t take long to start making money in this field.


I know that term is more used for teens but if you can help other moms out by taking care of their kids it’s a win-win situation for everyone. I mean, you already have childcare experience, right?

Keep in mind though there are other responsibilities that come with babysitting so make sure you think things through carefully and thoroughly. And don’t take on more kids than you can care for or that’s required by your state’s law.

Serve On An Online Jury

Yes you read it right. You can make money listening to cases and giving feedback online. Check out and sign up as a juror.