About Tackling Our Debt

Tackling Our Debt is an online magazine that focuses on helping people get out of debt. We talk about how to deal with your current debt, and how to improve your personal finances by saving money while living a frugal lifestyle.

We also provide information on how to make more money so that people can increase their income and hopefully increase their savings and pay off any debt they may have.

When a person is worried about their debt they tend to feel quite stressed out and eventually their health begins to suffer. Because of this we like to provide information on how to improve your health and enjoy your life. We also publish delicious, budget friendly recipes that anyone can easily make at home.

And last, but not least, we like to write about budget travel tips and DIY home renovation tips that anyone that is following a frugal lifestyle can benefit from.

Brief Disclaimer

We are not financial advisors or financial experts. We decided to develop this blog as a way of tackling our debt and cleaning up our mistakes. As well, we look forward to becoming a part of the huge personal finance blogging community, and contributing as best as we can.