Month: May 2012

Try These Philadelphia Cream Cheese Recipes – Free eCookbook

If you enjoy eating I think you will love this new, free, eCookbook. It includes a huge variety of recipes for appetizers, side dishes, entrees and desserts. So what is the common ingredient in these recipes? It is Philadelphia Cream Cheese. YUM! Here’s a quick peek at a few of the many recipes that are in this book. Salmon Cakes with Dill Sauce Philly Island Shrimp made with Wonton Wrappers Zucchini Potato Latkes Creamy Pesto Chicken Creamy Lemon Squares Basil Fried Green Tomato Crostini Fiesta Cheese Fondue Pizza Buns Cheese and Onion Bread Pudding Sweet Paprika Chicken with Creamy...

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What Not to Say to Co-Workers

What not to say to co-workers is a topic that I thought of several months ago when I was writing up a list of blog post ideas. I jotted down a bunch of points under the title but never turned them into a post because I thought it might be viewed as old fashion and out-of-date. But today while having lunch I thought that it might be a fun post to write because it will be interesting to see which points people agree with and which they disagree with, based on their experiences. Obviously it is important to build...

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Top Summer Vacation Spots in Canada – Montreal in the Summer

Montreal in the Summer It can get very hot and humid in Montreal each summer but that doesn’t stop millions of people from visiting Montreal and attending all of the great festivals that happen every summer. Along with all of the festivals you’ll find delicious restaurants, active nightlife, museums, art galleries, fun shopping, amazing firework displays, thrilling amusement parks and more. Although I can’t cover everything Montreal has to offer in today’s post, let’s take a look at a few of the special attractions that you will find when you visit Montreal this summer. Montreal Fireworks Competition I love...

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Tips That Will Help You Live a Better Life

Today we are not going to talk about ways to make more money or ways to save more money. We are not going to think about budgets or how to buy more for less. Sometimes it is good to take a break from thinking about money, whether or not we have a lot of money, or too little money. Today we are going to talk about the simple things that each of us can do each and everyday to live a better life and be happy. Tips to Live a Better Life 1. Never laugh at anyone’s dreams. 2....

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Top Summer Vacation Spots in Canada – Touring Prince Edward Island

Next Stop – Prince Edward Island Our next stop on our tour of the top summer vacation spots in Canada is Prince Edward Island, commonly referred to as PEI. Prince Edward Island, a small island off the east coast of Canada, is famous for many things including the miles and miles of hot white sandy beaches, as well as the vast array of golf courses. Although the winters can be somewhat rough on the east coast of Canada, the summers in Prince Edward Island are hot, which makes it perfect for a fun summer vacation for the whole family....

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Do Side Hustles Really Help You Make Money?

While working online I often see the question: Do side hustles really help you make money? The answer is a definite YES! While a side hustle may not make you rich, heck it quite likely won’t even replace a full-time income in many circumstances (depending on where you live of course), but a side hustle can be a way for you to make money so that you can pay off a few bills, or take a short vacation, or save up for Christmas. Now many of us are familiar with money making options online such as oDesk, Elance, Etsy,...

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Top Summer Vacation Spots in Canada – Touring Niagara Falls, Ontario

Mesmerized by Niagara Falls This week we are heading out to take a look at the natural beauty of  Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. With over 20 million people visiting Niagara Falls each year it is easy to see why it is one of the top summer vacation spots in Canada. As soon as you get close to Niagara Falls you will hear the incredibly loud roar of the water created by the three falls known as the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. These three waterfalls are what Niagara Falls is all about. Journey...

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