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Having a restaurant business can be difficult to manage. Cooking in a commercial setting comes with its own unique challenges that are often quite stressful to deal with. Each and every day there are the logistics of supplying provisions, food preparation, servicing customers, engaging high quality staff and staying on top of a variety of team issues as a manager.

Within the kitchen itself are also the very practical considerations of heat, odours, smoke and grease to contend with. The quality of the work environment, staff morale and customer satisfaction can be greatly influenced by the presence of a commercial kitchen extractor fan in your restaurant.

Staff Efficiency

While people love to eat delicious, well-prepared food, not everyone appreciates the challenging conditions that are often found behind the kitchen doors of most restaurants.

For the uninitiated, commercial kitchens are generally hectic, high-stress hives of activity where coordinated teamwork and attention to detail are called for on a daily basis. Cooking in commercial quantities is physically demanding work, usually done while standing on ones feet for many hours at a time.

Working in a hot, smoky, steamy environment is a recipe for extra stress, frazzled nerves and sheer physical exhaustion. As a restaurant owner, the simple act of installing a commercial kitchen extractor fan can make a huge difference to the quality of the workday and one’s ability to make it through a long shift with extra energy and gratitude for a comfortable, pleasant working environment.

For owners, employers and managers, a more enjoyable environment equates to happier workers and less staff turnover. Less stress means less staff conflict and decreased managerial headaches for those responsible for keeping the team functional and productive.

Increased Health and Safety

Installing a decent kitchen extractor fan also means protecting the health and safety of the staff that work in the kitchen. Airborne smoke and grease particles are unhealthy to breathe in, especially on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. These particles can irritate eyes and airways, exacerbate asthma and trigger breathing difficulties. In essence, most cooking methods especially frying and grilling are really just a controlled form of fire. The odours released contain pollutants that in an enclosed environment are just not healthy for people to inhale.
Installing adequate extraction systems can counteract these potential harms, efficiently, effectively and at minimal expense.

Money Saved by Easier Cleaning

As more grease settles onto kitchen floors, walls, benches and appliances, staff must spend extra time cleaning these dirty surfaces, which is a wasteful use of precious resources. As well as costing more in wages, this is more difficult as cleaning extends the end of the day duties and all the issues that come along with them. Increased irritability, later finishes and greater safety risks to late night staff left alone to clean up can all be reduced by installing commercial extractor fans.

With a huge range of commercial extraction equipment available to suit any sized kitchen, it is well worth taking the time to explore the varying solutions available that can help make the restaurant you own a more pleasant, efficient and healthy environment to work in. For a very reasonable financial outlay, the rewards quickly become evident.