I bet when you hear the words “easy ways to save money” you roll your eyes and think, heck saving money is not easy because everything is just so expensive.

And I agree, it seems that things are quite expensive.

Prices of homes, groceries, utilities, and even gas for your vehicle, seem to constantly be rising, yet when was the last time your salary went up?

I know, it has probably been so long ago that you can’t even remember.

Companies are quick to raise their prices, but they are never quick to raise our wages.

Because of that, it is super important that both you and I look at our everyday spending.

Review your monthly expenses, including your rent\mortgage, car loan, credit car payments, utilities, groceries, and so on. I know that if you do, you will see that a few simple changes will help you save money based on your current list of expenses.

Like me, you will actually wonder why you didn’t do this a long time ago, because you will definitely find at least one area where you could easily save money with a few quick changes.

Here are five options that many of us overlook when it comes to finding easy ways to save money.

Read these! And even if you are only able to make one of these options work for you, you are still well on your way to spending less every month.


Paying for major purchases requires most of us to obtain a loan\mortgage. Home loans, for instance, are repaid over the course of decades, so entering into a mortgage contract is not to be taken lightly.

Fortunately for borrowers, however, terms may be open for renegotiation.

Homeowners with outstanding mortgage debt should always look at refinancing opportunities. Look for a better interest rate. Consider refinancing and extending the term of your mortgage.

One or both of these options will help you save money on a monthly basis. In order to evaluate various scenarios, consult with your mortgage broker or use online resources to track lending trends.


Paying off large outstanding credit card balances can be extremely difficult.

Every month you are charged a substantial amount of interest. And if you are only able to pay off a small amount each month, most of your payment is eaten up by the interest charged.

So really by the end of the year, if you review your outstanding balance, you will see that you have paid off very little of your credit card debt.

The same goes for lines of credit and paying them off.

You can find easy ways to save money here by speaking to a financial lender that will allow you to combine your current debts, and pay them all off using a personal loan.

Of course to make this work, the personal loan needs to have a much lower interest rate.

Also, the monthly payment on this new loan needs to benefit you by being affordable.

Using a personal loan to pay off balances, for example, replaces high-interest credit card bills with affordable monthly payments. Consolidation candidates can compare loans online, evaluating various types of financing and terms offered by leading lenders.

Easy ways to save money is to pay with cash only.

Pay With Cash Only

I know, you have many reasons why you prefer to use a credit card instead of paying with cash.

You like the credit card rewards.

You feel safer carrying less cash in your wallet.

And you simply find a credit card more convenient.

I feel the same way.

But the fact is that some of us tend to spend more when we use a credit card.

Why? Because when we charge our purchases, we can easily convince ourselves that we can buy now and pay later.

So why not just spend a little more?

We can make a payment on our credit card next month, and by that time we will have the money, right?

But next month comes, and we find that we actually spent way more than we should have, simply because it is so easy to put it on a credit card.

If you decide that from now on you will only carry cash and pay with cash you will instantly spend less money, because as you have heard – you can’t spend what you don’t have.

Conserve Your Expenses

Utilities and groceries are prime categories for trimming excessive spending, giving you two easy ways to start saving money immediately.

Turn off lights, unplug electronic devices, control your thermostat – these and other proven practices address energy waste in your home.

And more efficient driving habits will help you use less gas on the road.

At the supermarket, sensible shopping, using a planned weekly menu, yields the most bang for your buck, accounting for leftovers and keeping spoilage under wraps.

Be an Educated Consumer When Looking for Easy Ways to Save Money

To save money on big-ticket purchases, as well as day to day buys, use available resources to educate yourself before buying.

Success starts with general awareness. And though you don’t necessarily need to be a financial expert, smart shopping can save you money on everything from toothpaste to condominiums.

Cost effective decision-making is a mainstay of long-term financial stability. As you manage household cash flow, use these five common sense practices to start saving money right away.


5 Simple Ways to Quickly Save Money | When you hear the words "easy ways to save money" you probably roll your eyes and think, heck saving money is not easy. But yes, saving money is easy and simple. Learn more here!