Here are 5 very popular small business ideas that will continue to be excellent choices. The greatest thing about these small business ideas is that they can each be started with little or no money.

Popular Small Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Motivational Speaker

motivational speakerWith everything going on in the world lately people will be looking for new inspiration and motivation to help them get through any issues or problems that they might be dealing with.

You could start a small business as a motivational speaker and help them out.

Think about your strengths and what you are passionate about, and turn your skills, knowledge and interests into seminar topics that will help others solve their problems.

Becoming a Motivational Speaker is easy than you may think.

Life Coach

You can begin a small business as a life coach and assist people with many different areas of their lives.

Again, think about your strengths and your skills, and how you can use them to help other people.

People look to life coaches for private one on one assistance, motivation and guidance with both their personal and professional lives. Often successful executives will look for guidance and direction in taking the next step in their career.

Other people may need your assistance with their personal relationships or work/life balance issues.

Think about the services you can offer and how you can turn that into a business.

Published Writer

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and thought “wow – I would love to write a book that could eventually become a movie?”

Well why not get started now?

Start with a small idea and then just start writing down whatever comes to mind.

You can go back later and do some research and add in the details. As you write you will find yourself coming up with more and more ideas and your story will just begin to snowball.

You can write a fictional story, or your book can be based on a true story.

Many excellent movies have been created by writers that have written books based on a true to life story.

cake decorating business

Cake Decorator

What could be more exciting than starting a small business as a cake and cupcake decorator?

Each person celebrates so many different events throughout the year, such as Valentines, Easter, birthdays, Christmas.

It is always nice to have a yummy cake for the celebration.

As a cake decorator you could create fun birthday cakes, elegant wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, cupcake bouquets and so much more.

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You will find that this is a very inexpensive business to start.

Virtual Office Assistant

Another popular small business idea is setting up your own home business as a Virtual Assistant.

You see, many people that operate their own business are happy to do the activities and tasks that they enjoy and are good at.

That usually leaves other business owners with a variety of business tasks, including the office administration work, that they need to outsource to someone else.

That is where a virtual office assistant fits in.

You can setup a small business as a virtual assistant using your home office and you can service clients anywhere in the world.

Most virtual assistants very rarely meet their clients face to face.

You could provide a variety of services including, but not limited to the following:

  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Correspondence
  • Creating presentations
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Producing Ezines
  • Invoicing
  • Monitoring and responding to emails
  • Booking travel arrangements

Remember that the most important thing you need when starting any small business is to believe in yourself.

Believe that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to create and build your own small business.

When you hit a bump in the road, and we all do, just keep focusing on your dreams!


Here are 5 very popular small business ideas that will continue to be excellent choices. The greatest thing about these small business ideas is that they can each be started with little or no money.