Are you struggling to find ways to make money? You can easily learn how to make money, starting today, by simply using the skills you already have, and, more importantly, it can be so much fun too.
ways to make money by opening your own bakery

In fact you may find ways to make money, and enjoy it so much that you will wonder why you didn’t start earlier.

So are you ready to find ways to make money?

Excellent! Let’s get started.

There is something for everyone, and many of these ways to make money require very little start-up cash.

Enjoy, and please share all these ways to make money because I bet your friends and family are wanting to make extra money as well.

This List Has Grown to Over 100+ Ways to Make Money

A Walking or Hiking Club Business

One of the many ways to make money is by starting a Walking or Hiking Club in your city. You do not need to live near the mountains to start a hiking club.

You can easily do guided hiking tours in your city or town, similar to what Lori does with FitFrog. Lori actually offers hiking and walking, but you can customize your business based on your location of course.

To make money, you charge an upfront membership fee for six months or a year, or charge per hike.

People will join for a variety of reasons.

Of course they will do it for exercise, but also to meet with new people and to socialize.

As part of your business you can teach people about the proper gear to wear and carry while hiking, as most of us beginners do not know.

ways to make money with a hiking business

Start Your Own Preschool

Are you already home all day with your own kids?

If you would like to make money at the same time, consider starting your own preschool business at home.

Start by adding two more children, and see how it works out. As you get comfortable with that you can consider increasing the number of children you take in.

Setup a Business as a Social Media Manager

From home based businesses to small retail shops to large corporations – businesses understand these days that being visible on social media greatly expands their reach in terms of drawing in new customers.

ways to make money as a social media managerHowever, most of these business owners do not have the time to learn how to manage accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

They know that they should be on there, but they are busy managing their current business tasks, and there are only so many hours in the day.

If you enjoy social media and have learned how to get results, you can offer your services to those businesses, and become their social media manager.

To begin, consider targeting small businesses, such as locally owned restaurants, flower shops, hair salons, coffee shops, bakeries, etc.

Go out and visit their shops and offer them package deals that they can afford, and quickly sign up for, while you are speaking to them.

Include taking good pictures of their business, and their products or services. That way their social media pages will have that personal touch, even though you are updating them on behalf of the business owner. Make sure the pictures look welcoming so that new customers will immediately take notice.

If you have learned how to create Facebook Ads that deliver quality results, make sure you include that as a service, and charge more money for that expertise.

ways to make money with a bakery

Bake Cakes and Cupcakes

Do you love to bake? You can make money by becoming a Baker that specializes in fancy Cakes and Cupcakes for Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and so on.

You can initially start this in your home kitchen if you pass all the necessary health regulations.

There are two excellent places for you to find new customers right away.

The first is people you already know; friends, neighbors, ex co-workers, your hairdresser, etc.

Second, you will find lots of customers at local farmers markets and flea markets.

Event Coordinator

Setup a business as an Event Coordinator for conferences, weekend re–treats, birthday parties, fundraisers, home shows, etc.

Yes, you will be working hard, long hours, but you can charge a whole lot of money for your expertise and gorgeous events.

At each event you will meet exciting new people, and make great new connections, that you can work with to expand your business.

Consignment Shops

Take all that clothes that you no longer wear, but are in nice condition, to a consignment shop and ask them to sell them for you.

They will take a commission and you will receive the rest of the money once your clothes sell.

This is a super quick and easy way to make money.
ways to make money as a motivational speaker

Motivational Public Speaker

If you love to talk and inspire people this could be the perfect way for you to make money, with very little start-up costs.

Become a Motivational Public Speaker and help other people achieve their dreams and goals.

Start a Wedding Planning Business

You already know that many people do not have time to organize their own wedding.

If you are an expert planner you could make money by starting a wedding planning business.

To begin with, you could gain experience by offering to plan a friend or family member’s wedding for free.

Remember to take pictures of the wedding so that you can show new clients how beautiful it was.

Professional Life Coach

Do you enjoy helping people sort out their problems and pursue their goals?

Offer your services as a Professional Life Coach.

Trust me, they make big money. Just do a search on Facebook.

Cruise Travel Specialist

Do you love to go on cruises?

If you become a Cruise Travel Specialist you will have many opportunities to either travel for free or at a significantly reduced rate.

Plus, researching and booking cruises for your clients is so much fun too.

ways to make money selling cruise travel

Professional Freelance Writer

Use your creativity and offer your services as a Professional Freelance Writer for newspapers and magazines.

You will find many opportunities to write for both online and offline media.

Professional Ghost Writer

You can also make money by becoming a Ghost Writer.

Many people, including very popular authors, hire ghost writers to help them write their books.

As well you could write for magazines and blogs.

The thing about being a ghost writer is that your name will never appear as the author. With that in mind, you are in a position to charge a higher fee since you will never receive personal credit for the finished product.

ways to make money as a virtual assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant

Do you have office skills, administrative skills, marketing skills, management skills, etc? All of those skills, and more, make you the perfect Virtual Assistant.

So many different ways to make money. You know that the above ideas are things that you can do, and you can get started today, and very soon you will be making money. Click thru to learn how! #makemoney #earnmoney #workfromhome

You see, more and more people are operating their own businesses without hiring on-site staff.

Instead they are hiring Virtual Assistants from all over the world to help them operate their business, because for them it is cost effective, as they only have to pay you for the exact work that you do, and not a typical 40 hour work week.

Setting up a business from your home as a Virtual Assistant allows you to serve multiple clients at the same time, depending on your own schedule, and how much money you want to make.

This is the type of business where you can start small, and grow as your skill set grows and your business attracts more clients.

Become a Freelancer

Make money by working from home, or from anywhere in the world, as a freelancer.

To get started, do a search for freelance websites as they always have job postings for programmers, web designers, writers, marketers, data entry, administrative work, social media assistance, and more.

Once you begin working with a few clients, make sure to ask them for testimonials.

Freelancers are making thousands of dollars a month, and many do that while traveling the world, or while staying at home and caring for their family.

Jewellery Designer

Use your creative flare to design, make, and sell jewellery.

You can sell your jewellery online, at flea markets, home parties, and to your friends and family.

I have followed a few women on Facebook that are designing and making jewellery at home, and their products are beautiful.

They make money by selling them through their own eCommerce websites, and through

Fashion Designer

If you have a good sense of style, look at becoming a Fashion Designer as a way to make money.

Many fashion designers that originally started doing this part-time from their bachelor apartment are now making tons of money. See if you recognize any of them.


A quick and easy way to make money is to offer your services as a babysitter.

You can hand out flyers in your neighborhood and post them at your local library and community center.

Speak to people that you know, friends, family, neighbors, and let them know that you are available to babysit.

Handbag Designer

Do you love handbags?

Consider becoming a Handbag Designer.

Handbags can be made from a variety of materials such as leather or fabric.

I know one lady that is making beautiful handbags from the same type of fabric that you would use to make curtains or duvet covers.

You could also make beach bags.

Become a Bookkeeper

A person that is good with finances and record keeping could become a Bookkeeper to make money.

ways to make money as a bookkeeperWhile some may find this a boring option, those that love numbers will enjoy doing this.

Work in your home and offer your services to other small businesses.

Instead of doing their books once a year, offer to do them every month, or every 3 months, depending on how busy they are.

You could offer to do their payroll as well.

Other small business owners love hiring a bookkeeper that they can trust to keep their finances on track for them.

One less thing for them to worry about.

Pet Sitting\Dog Walker & House Sitting

Three different suggestions wrapped up into one.

People are finding easy ways to make money by offering these services.

You see, when folks are at work all day they often need a reliable person to stop by their home and take their dog out for a walk.

I know some dog walkers in our city that are making $5000 – $6000 a month doing this.

As well, how many times have you heard people say “I would love to go on a vacation but who will look after my cats, and water my plants?”.

That could easily be you!

You could look after their cats and be their house sitter too.

You could stop by a few times a day or you could offer to live in their home while they are on vacation.

ways to make money with a pet sitting business

Become a Window Washer

I hate dirty windows but even more than that, I hate washing windows.

I tried last summer and all I did was make a bigger mess of them.

Washing windows is a great service to provide because few people ever get around to washing their own windows.

You could offer to wash their windows from the outside or you could do both inside and out, as well as the window tracks and screens.

Make connections with Realtors and landlords in your city and ask them to refer your window cleaning business to their clients and tenants.

Gardening and Lawn Mowing

Every spring we find new flyers on our doorstep from people that operate gardening and lawn mowing businesses.

ways to make money with a lawn mowing businessTheir first service of the year is typically to aerate the lawn and power rake it to get rid of all the dry stuff from the winter.

Then they come back every week or two to mow your lawn and look after your garden.

If this is the perfect business for you, visit neighborhoods and find new clients that are ready to be setup on a regular maintenance schedule for the summer.

That way they know when to expect you and you know how many different homes you need to visit each week.


Don’t confuse lawn mowing with landscaping.

As a landscaper you will assist people in designing the look of their front and back yards.

You will design and build patios, plant flowers, trees and shrubs, and use your creative mind to make the outside of your client’s homes look beautiful.

Fence and Deck Building

Consider starting a Fence and Deck Building business as a way to make money.

Advertise your business in brand new neighborhoods, as most builders do not include a deck and fence as a part of their new home construction.

Also, visit older homes that need their fences or decks replaced.

Professional Organizer for Homes and Offices

If you love to organize your stuff and other people’s stuff you should look at becoming a professional organizer.

You can tell by all of the shows on TV that many people all over the world need someone to organize their stuff and help them part with their clutter.

Professional Photographer

Do you enjoy photography? Lenses, cameras, tripods? And, do you enjoy taking photos of people?

If yes, consider becoming a photographer, either full-time or part-time.

For example, if you already have a full-time job during the week you could photograph weddings and children’s birthday parties on the weekends.

ways to make money as a catering business

Caterer or Personal Chef

Even if you have never hired a caterer or personal chef, many people do.

They hire caterers to help them with parties they have at home or at a club and they hire personal chefs to help them with their daily family meal preparation.

If you love to cook, and have the organizational skills to put a large dinner party together, then give this a try.

Make and Sell Gift Baskets

Every couple of months we celebrate a different holiday and for each holiday many people send their friends and family a gift basket.

Gift baskets are typically filled with fruit, cheese, chocolate, and other gourmet treats.

And putting them together can be a lot of fun, and a great way to make money.

Professional Career Coach

As a professional career coach you help people make smart career decisions.

Should they stay with the company they currently work for and move up the ladder or should they look for a new job?

If they want to look for a new job, where do they start?

Are there any classes they could attend to update their skills?

You will find that your clients may be working at their first job, or they may be the CEO of a large international firm.

Etiquette Consultant

Proper etiquette is so important, both in our personal and professional lives, and there is a high demand for etiquette consultants.

As an etiquette consultant you will teach people the skills that they need to succeed in life and in business.

You can work with individuals as well as corporate clients.

And you can also speak at conferences and hold seminars around the world.

Image Consultant

Many different types of people hire image consultants.

People who want to look their best for important interviews, or celebrities and corporate executives.

As well, people who have lost a significant amount of weight and want help selecting a new wardrobe.

Also, image consultants are paid up to thousands of dollars a day to present seminars and workshops.

Freelance Photographer

Photography is a very creative and easy money making idea. All you need is a good camera and a good imagination.

Make money as a freelance photographerA freelance photographer is somewhat different from the professional photographer we talked about earlier.

The Internet has become a great resource for anyone that requires digital photographs for not only their websites and blogs, but also for magazines, books and other publications.

Many people turn to the Internet when they need digital photos.

Therefore, a number of websites  with very large databases full of digital pictures and images, sell photos to meet the demand for original, good quality, royalty free photos.

In fact a number of people purchase and download images from these sites and have them framed as prints to hang in their homes.

The pictures in these databases have mainly been taken by freelance photographers.

Each of these websites will explain to you how you can submit your digital pictures and make easy money online.

There are case studies on their websites posted by actual freelance photographers, and they talk about how much money they have made and which type of photos sell the quickest.

Royalty Free Image and Digital Photos

Royalty Free Stock Photography

Nail Salon Business

People are making money by opening nail salon businesses.

I have recently noticed these popping up everywhere.

You could open your own small shop, do this from your home, or be a mobile professional nail salon.

The more convenient you make it for your clients, the more money you will make.

Mobile Personal Fitness Trainer

How many people join the gym and then never find time to go or, worse yet, are too embarrassed to go?

If you are into personal fitness you could offer to work with clients in their homes or backyard.

Agree to meet with them several times a week and get them setup on a good fitness program that works for them.

ways to make money as a fitness trainer

Home Staging

Home staging has become extremely popular over the past 15 years.

People know what they want their home to look like when they live there but they may not have the design skills to make their home look appealing to buyers.

That is where you come in as a home stager.

You work with people to help them make their home look fantastic so that it will sell quickly for the full asking price.

Makeup Artist

Complete the training courses and become a makeup artist.

You could work with models and all kinds of celebrities.

You could also offer your services to brides, bridesmaids, women who are ready for a makeover, and so on.


If you enjoy working with children, become a nanny.

Many families in our neighborhood have live in nannies.

You could do that or you could have an arrangement where you only work when the parents are away from home.

A Chauffeur for Seniors

Launch your own home based business as a Driving Miss Daisy Chauffeur for Seniors. This fantastic business was launched several years ago and it is incredible.

As a driver you pick up seniors and take them to their doctor appointments, grocery store, the mall, or pretty much anywhere they need to go.

Yes, they could take a taxi, but this service offers them the personal care and concern that they require as they go about their daily business.

Interior Decorator

Do you love decorating homes?

Setup a small business as an Interior Decorator.

Take note that an Interior Designer requires a college degree, but an Interior Decorator does not.

If you are creative and have a flair for design you could be an Interior Decorator.

Become a Moving Coordinator

How many people simply dread the thought of moving?


And those people are your clients.

If you are a well organized person and a good planner you can find ways to make money by offering your services as a Moving Coordinator for home and office moves.

Do all the prep work, help pack, and schedule all the right people necessary for the move so that your client doesn’t have to do a thing.

Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is a quick and fun way to make money, especially if you like to shop.

Some mystery shops include getting your oil changed at a certain location or visiting a car dealership and pretending you want to buy a car.

Some are trying out new restaurants or coffee shops.

You are compensated for what you buy, up to a specific dollar value and paid a small fee for doing the shop.

One of the best companies to work with in North America is BestMark.

Check out their site at BestMark and sign up.

They will email you with shops in your location and you can choose which ones you want to do.

Personal Concierge

To make money you could become a Personal Concierge.

You could easily work from home and do things such as gift shopping, grocery shopping, home organizing, trip planning, and so much more.

Professional Golfer

Do you love to golf? Is there money to be made as a professional golfer?

You and I both know that there is.

Just do some research to find out how to get started.

Yoga Instructor

People are into fitness more than they ever have been.

They want to live long healthy lives, but their days are filled with stressful situations.

It is a known fact that Yoga is a great stress reliever and many people attend classes everyday.

As a Yoga instructor you could teach at local community centers, gyms, possibly the Y, and even from your home.

Scrapbook Consultant

Scrapbooking is a very popular hobby that people do to work with their creative side and take their mind off of other things.

Quite often someone new to scrapbooking will need help and assistance.

As a scrapbook consultant you can work with people that are just starting out. Introduce them to all of the tools and materials that they will need, show them the best stores to purchase their products in and even coordinate meet-ups for fellow scrapbook enthusiasts.

Become a Chocolatier

Do you love chocolate? You can be your own boss,  sell chocolate, and make money, with Dove Chocolate Discoveries.

You will get to try delicious chocolate products and create amazing recipes like White Chocolate Raspberry Daiquiris, Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles, and so much more.

Tutor Students All Over the World

The Internet allows you to work with and tutor students from all over the world without ever leaving your home. You could do this in the evenings or anytime you have a day off from your day to day job.

There are so many companies out there that will connect you with students that need your help.

ways to make money as a handyman

Husband Handyman

Are you handy around the house?

Do you enjoy working with tools and fixing things, outside and inside? If you are, there is a high demand for your services.

Many people either do not have the necessary skills to fix things in their home or they do not have the time.

Advertise in local community newsletters, on grocery store bulletin boards and local coffee shops.

As well, speak to local Realtors and let them know that you are available if they have clients that need work done to their homes prior to selling them, or after they move in.

Become a Residential or Commercial Landlord

Purchase homes strictly with the intent of renting them out.

People are starting to rent more instead of buying due to financial situations.

Aside from renting homes you could also consider becoming a commercial landlord. Leases are typically 5 to 10 years and the tenants are often more stable.

Music Teacher

If you enjoy playing the piano, guitar, or any instrument, consider teaching music lessons. Again, this is something you can simply do in your spare time to make extra cash. Clients can come to your home, or you can go to theirs.

If you find that you really enjoy it, you could open your own music studio and do this full-time.

Affiliate Marketing

Many people are finding ways to make money online through affiliate marketing, and their income reports are anywhere from $50K to $100K per MONTH.

You can make money with affiliate marketing through a variety of ways; static websites, blogging, squeeze pages, email marketing and social media.

And the cool thing about affiliate marketing is you get to decide how much money you will make each month.

If you only need enough money to cover groceries then just do the work necessary to earn that money.

If you want to save up for a new house or a great vacation, or contribute to your retirement fund, then you simply learn more, and work harder, till you get your programs going.

Sell Avon

If you have a desire to work from home but do not want to get involved in something that costs a lot of money, then you should consider Avon.

Avon offers very affordable, high quality products, and they have been in business for many years. They are recognized worldwide with an excellent reputation.

While most people think of makeup when they hear the word Avon, each year Avon has expanded their product line to offer a larger variety of products above and beyond makeup.

I’ve known people that started selling Avon products part-time and ended up selling Avon products for over 25 years.  They gradually worked their way up to becoming District Sales Managers and had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling.

Dividend Paying Stocks

You can make money from dividend paying stocks.

Check out this to learn how: Dividend Paying Stocks.

Computer Consultant for Seniors

Many seniors are getting online on these days.

They want to email their friends and family, connect with them on Facebook and learn new things on the Internet.

But sometimes they will have problems with their computers, such as their virus scanner, or installing new software, setting up their email and their printer, and such.

If you are good at the basics you could assist them with these things and help them feel more confident about using their computer.

Ways to Make Money! Need to find new ways to earn money? Here are 69 ideas on how to make money. And the best part is that you can get started today, and make money based on your flexible schedule. Plus, you will find very helpful tips and resources to get you started making money. Click thru to learn more!

Outdoor Fitness Boot Camps

During the summer months I see quite a number of ads for outdoor fitness boot camps in different communities around our city.

If you are a fitness guru you could organize these in your city.

Many times they are held on evenings or weekends, so you wouldn’t have to give up your day job to do this.

Maid Service

One of the ways my mother made money when she first came to Canada was to work as a maid, cleaning houses and making meals.

If you need a way to make extra cash, cleaning houses could be a great way to do that.

You could also contact Realtors and Property Managers and offer to clean homes between occupants.

Professional Letter Writer

Did you know that people make big money writing letters for other people?

Not just cover letters for a job application. I am talking about any kind of letter.

Some people hate writing and others love to write. So that is where the two connect.

As a letter writer you could be asked to write thank–you letters, love letters, quitting my job letters, I’m sorry letters, and so on.

Boarder or Roommate

If you have the room in your home and you need the cash, consider taking in a boarder or a roommate.

Always do your research on the person.

Ask for references and deposits and credit checks, just like any landlord would do.

Flip Houses

Flipping houses has been popular for a number of years.

If you buy the worst house in a nice neighborhood you can typically make a lot of money after you fix it up.

Just remember to only fix it up to the level of style of the neighborhood it is in or you may lose money.

Movie Extra

A number of movies and TV shows are filmed in and around our city and they are always looking for movie extras.

My husband actually did some work on a very popular TV show a few years ago.

While you won’t make lots and lots of money, you will make some and you may enjoy being behind the scenes and learning all the ins and outs.

Christmas Crafts and Knitting

Every fall there are quite a few Christmas Craft Fairs and people look forward to them all year long as a way to find nice new Christmas decorations for their homes.

If you do crafts and knitting as a hobby, consider making Christmas items throughout the year and then book yourself a table at any and all of the local fairs so that you can sell all of your items before Christmas.

Repair Small Appliances

Again, if you are handy and like working with small appliances, consider offering your services for people that have broken appliances that need to be fixed. You could do this in your basement or in your garage.


If you are proficient in multiple languages you could earn lots of extra cash by working as a translator.

Many large companies use translators, even while having meetings over the phone.

By working as a translator for phone calls, you can literally work from anywhere.

ways to make money at home

Bed and Breakfast

If you live in a city or town that attracts a high number of tourists, consider turning your home into a Bed and Breakfast if you have the room.

Perhaps you are empty nesters with extra bedrooms that could be renovated to accommodate guests.

Or you live on acreage with lovely outdoor space that is peaceful and inviting.

Ways to Make Money Also Include Flipping Items

When I say flipping items I mean that you go to garage sales and find inexpensive products that you can take home and clean up.

Then you re–sell them for a profit at a Flea Market or online.

This could be anything from knick knacks to antiques.

Initially this may sound like a lot of work, but once you get organized and into a routine, you will find it is actually quite easy and fun.

Online Store

Create an online store on Cafepress and design your own creative items to sell. You can design t-shirts, water bottles, iphone cases, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, hoodies, and more.

Another site that allows you to be even more creative with quite a larger variety of products is

On Zazzle you will be able to design and sell calendars, business cards, jewellery, aprons, laptop bags, posters, prints, postcards, hats, key chains and so much more.

You gotta check it out.

Food Trucks

Have you noticed food trucks appearing everywhere over the past few years?

They have become extremely popular and of course, are very mobile.

You will find food trucks selling burgers and fries, Mexican food, Italian food, German food, Indian food, and so on.

If you love to cook, consider opening a Food Truck Business.


Quite often people purchase new clothes and they need to be tailored for a better fit, or they lose a lot of weight and want their current wardrobe altered.

If you love to sew you could make money by offering your services from your home as a seamstress.

Aside from altering clothes, you could also sew curtains and draperies, pillows, duvet covers and so on.

My grandmother did this for a number of years to earn extra money.

And you will find, that as you build a client base that appreciates your work, they will soon refer all their friends and family to you as well.

Sell Books for Cash

Do you have a number of books that you no longer read?

You can easily sell them for cash on places such as Amazon and

The difference between the two is that on Amazon you have to advertise and wait for a buyer.

On you sell your books directly to them, any day, anytime.

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There you have it! So many different ways to make money. 

You know that the above ideas are things that you can do, and you can get started today, and very soon you will be making money.

One of the best ways to get started is to make a list of your skills.

Everyone has different things that they are good at.

Now from the list of things you are good at, use a highlighter and highlight the things you enjoy doing.

Why? Just because you are good at something doesn’t automatically mean you enjoy doing it.

For example, you may be great at cleaning your home or at growing a fabulous garden, but do you enjoy it.

Maybe, maybe not.

So make your lists and then do your analysis based on your skills, likes, dislikes.

Also, keep in mind that you can quickly learn new skills too.

There are so many affordable resources available online these days to help you learn whatever you need to know in order to find ways to make money.

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