Do side hustles really help you make money? The answer is a definite YES! (Updated May 2020)

While a side hustle may not make you rich, heck it quite likely won’t even replace a full-time income in many circumstances (depending on where you live of course), but a side hustle can be a way for you to make money so that you can pay off a few bills, or take a short vacation, or save up for Christmas.

Now many of us are familiar with money making options online such as Upwork, Freelancer, Etsy, eBay, etc., right?

But today I want to highlight some organizations that you may not be aware of.

There are so many online opportunities that offer work that you could easily do as a side hustle and make money.

The side hustle ideas in this post are ones that I have personally checked out.

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Remember, as you consider doing work with any of these organizations two of the main things that you want to look at is how much money do you need to make before they will pay you, and what their payment methods are, ie: direct deposit, PayPal, cheque, etc. Here are five easy side hustles you can start today.

Side Hustles Really Help You Make Money


Have you heard of Verblio from Denver, CO?

If you enjoy writing blog posts, newsletters, eBooks, etc, and getting paid for it, head over to Verblio.

With Verblio you sign up as a freelancer to write for their clients. They have over 1300 clients, in approximately 40 different categories, that you can be connected with, through Verblio.

As a new writer with them, you would begin with small jobs, and then progress to the longer, higher paying jobs, as they get familiar with your work.

With freelance writing side hustles you can work as much as you need to, or just whenever it suits you.


With ySense you can earn money by completing paid surveys, testing new products and apps, or watching videos.

You complete their simple tasks from your home. Earn bonuses and participate in weekly contests.

Remember this is simply meant to be a side hustle to put some extra cash in your pocket.

And think about it…this is something you could easily do while watching TV, or even sitting out on your back deck and enjoying the summer breeze.

Making money from home with these five side hustle ideas


Are you good at proofreading?

Become a proofreader with Papercheck.

Clients submit their documents to Papercheck and then PaperCheck hires people (like you) to edit and proofread the documents.

Simple and straightforward.

Do side hustles really help you make money? Yes, you can become a proofreader on a part time basis and earn money.

Bunny Studio Writing

Bunny Studio Writing is a service that connects freelancers with businesses for a large variety of work.

The services that they offer to their clients include writing, voice over work, audio and podcast post-production services, design services, translation, videos, and more.

As a freelancer, you would sign up with Bunny and they would connect you with clients, based on the work that you prefer to do.


When began several years ago they were only open in a few States in the United States. Today, they are available all across the US, and they have expanded to Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, and France.

It certainly sounds like an excellent way to do some side hustle work.

You can sign up and offer your services to individuals who either don’t have the time or the experience that you have with a particular task.

ways to make money as a handyman

The services that people offer on TaskRabbit include:

  • spring cleaning
  • delivery services
  • household chores
  • office work
  • grocery and personal shopping
  • handyman services
  • moving assistance
  • event planning
  • photography
  • catering
  • plumbing
  • electrician
  • IKEA assembly. and a lot more.

The list is quite huge, and many of these tasks are able to be done without Contact between the client and the service person.

Each TaskRabbit goes through a background check and a video interview to ensure they are qualified before they are listed on the website and able to offer their services.

There you have it! An excellent variety of side hustle ideas so that you, or anyone you know, can begin making money today, and pay off their debt, and increase their savings account too.

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Five Easy Ways to Make Money. Start one of these Side Hustles today and earn money. Click thru to learn how!

If these side hustles are not to your liking, we have quite a few posts filled with amazing options on how to make money.

Check them out!

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