The world of investing filled with stock tickers, jargon, and at time intense amounts of stress can feel like a foreign world to many. Although if you get past the introductory barriers to investing and finance, you’ll find it’s similar to the business landscape. You need to be adept in having the right tools for the job, so you can be a successful investor. Here are some of the top stock trading apps to keep you ahead of the curve.

Introductory Apps for Beginners

Many stock apps offer features for beginners so they can learn the fundamentals of the stock market without risking any actual money on the stock market. Others allow you to invest, after a lot of education, so you won’t lose all of your money, and you will have a chance for your investments to grow.

1.TradeHero: One of those first training apps comes in the form of TradeHero, as it simulates live stock exchanges from around the world and allows you to practice with fake money before trying your luck out in the real investing world.

2. Stock Market Simulator Plus: Another simulator helps you by starting out with $50,000 in pretend money and you get access to real US stock market data with a slight delay.

Stock Market News Apps

One of the most important things in the investing market is to be informed. There are news sites out there like that can show you the latest in financial news and stocks or commodities you may be following. Here’s some more helpful news sources you can get as an application.

3. Yahoo Finance: Looking for real time performance tracking of any index, stock or currency, then this is your app. There is a solid foundation that offers stock listings to keep track of for yourself and the ability to sync data across devices.

4. Bloomberg Business: One of the most premier and well-respected news sources for finance is Bloomberg. With this app you’ll be privy to breaking news, portfolio tracking tools, and be able to analysis any market data to cross reference with your own portfolio or investing goals.

Disruptive Apps

Sometimes out in the world of investing and finance, there comes an app that changes the way people trade stocks and do research. Some of these apps have special qualities to them that haven’t been seen before in the investing world.

5. eToro: This app came out with one of the first disruptions when it created something called “copytrading,” the idea is to mimic a popular or famous investor and trade just like them. It is a pretty straightforward idea and the app allows for some practicing too with a $10,000 demo account to test out. You can get started with only $50 and trade. There are over 4.5 million users and if you have a large enough following there will be other members copying how you invest.

6. StockTwits: Similar to other social media applications, this app is like a Twitter for stock traders. It offers a minute-by-minute analysis and opinion from other investors on the latest trends in the market. It’s a useful app to determine how others are feeling on certain aspects of the stock market.

7. StockTouch: An App like StockTouch is unique when it comes to the similar amount of stocks that have the ability to track a portfolio or stock market. This app utilizes visual data to track real time data in terms set by you through volume, percentage gains, market capitalization or more.

Making the Trade Apps

Depending on your individual broker, you’ll have a different set of applications with its own methods, attributes and style to conduct trades or research. If you’re in the market for a trading app or brokerage there are some to consider.

8. E*TRADE Mobile: One of the most popular and first to enter the mobile market was E*Trade. The application has a quick trading tool and is synced up with Morningstar to get real-time quotes and news information. You can create your own charts and customized watch lists. There are also educational tools to utilize and increase your knowledge as an investor.

Overall, having a mixture of each one of these apps will help keep you at the top of your investing game. In this new investing age these apps aren’t only helpful but necessary in staying in the know and becoming a successful investor.