Both men and women run the risk of developing heart disease at some point in their life, especially if they are quite careless about what they eat. Are you concerned about developing heart disease? If you start immediately, you can keep your heart healthy by following these cooking guidelines every time you prepare a meal.

Keep Your Meals Heart Healthy

Choose Lean Cuts of Meat

Meat is full of protein, and protein helps you stay feeling full longer, and it is also a mood booster. However, to keep your cholesterol down try choosing leaner cuts of meat.

With beef, choose cuts like round, flank, sirloin, tenderloin, rib, chunk, rump roast, T-bone, porterhouse and cubed.

In poultry, white breast meat is low in fat. Buy it with bone in and cook it with bone in, for a more flavourful dish.

In pork, the leaner types are pork loin, center loin chops, Canadian bacon and ham.

Cook with Less Fat

You can cut down on the fat through cooking methods like boiling, broiling, steaming, roasting, baking, grilling and microwaving food instead the usual frying. If you need to fry, use non-stick pans and a cooking spray instead of frying oil.

Fats can really add flavor to the food, so what do you do to add flavor without fat?

Use a combination of fresh herbs, seasonings and spices instead.

Onion and garlic can boost the flavor of meat and vegetables, and also relieve inflammation in your joints.

Lemon juice is great for steamed vegetables and broiled fish.

Pepper is great for chicken seasoning.

Include Lots of Fresh Vegetables and Fruit

Every time you prepare a meal you need to include healthy fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables keep your heart healthy as well as your mind.

You will find that you will feel more alert and more focused after only a few days of eating more fruits and vegetables.

Fresh fruit makes a great dessert after any meal, and vegetables can be added to breakfast omelets, lunch time sandwiches and of course dinner.

As well, always keep fresh vegetables and dip in your fridge for whenever your family gets the munchies.

By knowing what to cook you can help protect yourself and your family from heart disease. Also, your kids will learn to eat healthy at home, which will make it easier for them to continue following a healthy lifestyle when they move out on their own.