Did you know that if you have any of the health issues listed below you could be magnesium deficient?

Up until last year, I had no idea that my body was magnesium deficient. When I had any of these health issues I turned to Advil, inhalers, allergy pills, Metamucil, etc, but I was never happy doing that.

My husband was also dealing with some of these health issues. For example, at night, he would lie down to sleep and right away his legs would start twitching and cramping. So much so, that he couldn’t fall asleep.

Quite often you read that getting enough calcium everyday is very important, but magnesium is often overlooked, even though calcium and magnesium work hand in hand. If you consume calcium, but never drink or eat something with enough magnesium in it, you will end up with way too much calcium in the cells of your body.

And guess what? Too much calcium and not enough magnesium results in a long list of annoying health issues. Just keep reading.

Are You Magnesium Deficient?

Here are other reasons why your body is low on magnesium:

Common medications, that we all take without much thought, cause your body to waste magnesium.

Insulin is the cause of my husband’s need for more magnesium, since he is a type 1 diabetic and does insulin injections everyday.

Other medications include:

  • antibiotics
  • cortisone
  • birth control pills
  • diuretics

Something as simple as antacids (TUMS) can lower your magnesium levels.

And then there are the foods that we eat. Even the ones that should contain magnesium generally don’t, due to the food processing that removes much of the magnesium.

Reasons Why You Should Use Magnesium

Magnesium relaxes your blood vessels and all of the muscles in your body. If you experience any of the following issues, magnesium will definitely help you.

Restless legs, cramps in your legs and feet, as well as gastrointestinal cramps

Difficulty with PMS and painful periods

Chronic fatigue



Blood clots


Tooth decay


Cold hands and feet

Food cravings for salt and carbohydrates


High blood pressure

Heart disease

Anxiety attacks



Kidney issues

liquid magnesium

Using Magnesium

LifeTime Liquid Calcium Magnesium Citrate

After speaking with a nutritionist at our local health food store about the health issues that both my husband and I were each experiencing, she recommended two products that we faithfully use on a daily basis.

Before bed we each drink a half teaspoon of LifeTime Liquid Calcium Magnesium Citrate. After a few weeks you can cut back to only taking it every couple of days.

You can find magnesium online or at your local health food store, and it comes in a variety of fruit flavors, such as strawberry, blueberry, grape, orange, pina colada, etc.

Remember to store it in the fridge after opening.

Magnesium Gel

magnesium gel

As we get ready for bed we follow-up with Magnesium Gel.

Magnesium Gel is a clear lotion and you can rub small amounts of it on your legs and feet.

You can also rub it on the back of your neck or other areas of your back when your muscles are tight and sore.

As an added suggestion, if you have trouble sleeping, rub a small drop of magnesium gel on your lower back just before you go to bed. You will have the best sleep ever.


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