With everyone leading such hectic lives these days it seems as if welcoming new neighbours and making new friends is a thing of the past. But that is kind of sad, isn’t it? I mean isn’t it nice to walk out your front door and see a friendly face? A neighbour that smiles and waves hello. One that stops for a quick chat now and then just to see how you are doing.

Personally, I love living in a friendly, yet quiet neighbourhood.

Now I am not saying that my neighbours and I are best friends. But we are friendly, with one another, happy to help each other shovel the dreadful snow, and would be there in an instant if they needed any other help.

And as people move away and new people move in I think it is important to take a minute to welcome new neighbours and help them feel comfortable.

Fun Ways to Welcome a New Neighbour

Start with Introductions

The quickest and easiest way to make a new neighbour feel welcome is to simply wave and say hello the first time you see them. Walk over, introduce yourself and casually have a conversation.

Deliver a Treat

If you happen to be home on the day your new neighbour moves in, consider taking a treat over for them and their friends or movers. You could whip up a batch of homemade cookies.

Or you could drop by your local grocery or donut store and grab some fresh donuts for them.

Drop off a Nice Plant or Flowers

If your introduction with your new neighbours went well consider a non-edible gift such as a small bouquet of flowers or a nice plant that they can plant in their new garden.

Create a Simple Welcome Package

While your new neighbours may simply be moving from one part of town to another, there are times when they are new to your city.

Heck they may even by new to your country, like our neighbour was.

If that is the case they may feel lost and a bit lonely. Help them out by putting together a small welcome package full of information.

You could include garbage collection and recycling dates, fliers from the local grocery store and hardware store, directions to the nearest coffee shop, a good drycleaner, a good hairdresser, and so on.

Host a Get to Know You Potluck

Another way to help new neighbours feel welcome is to host a get to know you potluck event. Consider a Sunday afternoon picnic or BBQ. Or if it is too cold out for that, consider a wine and cheese party. Invite your new neighbours, of course, as well as other neighbours that you enjoy speaking with. It does not have to be a big party or a long party. A couple of hours is perfect for a meet and greet.