Keeping your family and your possessions safe starts with protecting your home on the outside. There are many ways you can help increase safety and security by making simple changes, updating existing features or simply performing some routine maintenance. When you add more layers of protection to your home, you can enjoy more peace of mind day and night.

Install Motion Sensor Lighting

Whether you’re hoping to deter human or animal intruders, a motion-sensing light can make a huge difference. Install them in multiple locations around your home’s perimeter to keep unwanted prowlers away while also alerting you of any outdoor activity.

It’s also a great safety feature for your family since it can help light up the night when you arrive home late into the evening, making it easier to navigate to an entrance while illuminating any trip hazards along the way.

Add a Doorbell Camera

Millions are adding this simple yet effective upgrade to their homes. Some devices work individually, while others are designed to function as part of a new or existing security system. Doorbell cameras give you a detailed peek at who’s knocking.

In addition, they’re motion activated so you can be notified of any activity outside your door.

This is an excellent way to protect your packages and deliveries if you’re not home when they’re dropped off.

Illuminate Dim Areas

If there are large obstructions that are difficult to see in your yard or near your driveway, takes steps to make them more visible for yourself, visitors and passersby. This is especially true for objects that are near the road and could lead to an accident on dark nights. Apply visibility strips to large trees, your mailbox, or any other solid features close to the road or driveway.

Light posts or solar-powered walkway lights can also help illuminate areas where it’s difficult to see.

Install a Privacy Fence

For intruders, wandering pets, or other curious creatures, a tall privacy fence can influence these unwanted guests to find an easier yard to access. Parents with young children can also enjoy a more relaxing atmosphere when it’s time for outdoor play since a fence helps protect kids from wandering off the property or onto the road.

As an added bonus, it adds value and beauty to your home.

With more privacy, you can also enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about nosy neighbors peeking in.

Keep Up With Your Landscaping

If you have overgrown shrubs or piles of debris in your yard, you’re creating hiding spots for burglars and animals, as well as a potential breeding ground for pesky household pests. Keep your grass, shrubs and trees properly trimmed and dispose of yard waste promptly.

Take special care to remove debris that’s adjacent to the house to prevent problems with mice, ants or termites.

A compost pile is still a great option; just be sure it’s positioned away from the home and well maintained.

Protecting your home is easy when you follow these simple, doable suggestions. By protecting your property from the outside in, you can rest easy knowing your loved ones and your belongings are safer for it.