A new job has recently been posted at your office and you are wondering if you should apply for it.

While you have many of the skills that are necessary to do the job, the most important responsibility is to lead a team of people. You haven’t been a team lead before but you’ve certainly thought about moving up the ladder at some point in your career.

Could this be the right time to do that?

Were you born to be a good leader?

Do you have what it takes?

The good news is you don’t have to be a born leader. You can learn to become one.

Every good leader has five important personality traits.

do you have the skills to be a good leader

Good Leaders Lead, Pretty Simple, Right

Everyone needs to attain specific skills as they learn how to become a good leader. You’ll be able to do this also.

As a leader, you are responsible for coaching people, teaching people, serving people and always being at their side. ‘Serving people’ may seem out of place, but this is part of it. By setting an example, you encourage others to grow.

Think of it like educating kids. If you never wash the dishes, how will your own kids know how to do them? As they start to learn how to wash dishes, you stand by them and help.

Eventually, they’ll be prepared to wash the dishes alone, and you’ll find that they do a thorough job without your assistance.

These same principles apply to your team members. Educate your team members and work alongside them.

Help them gain independence. This all requires an investment of energy and time, but assisting others is the best possible place to spend your time.

Good Leaders Listen

A good leader won’t act like they’re already experts in every possible thing, nor will they ignore the words of their team members. Your team members should always be able to talk to you for assistance and problem solving help if you’re a good leader.

In addition to listening to people, a good leader also knows what to ignore. Leaders will never permit negativity about others in their team. It exhausts valuable energy and time.

A good leader will redirect these kinds of conversations politely and be discerning in what they discuss regarding their team.

Good Leaders Are Available

Staff members are always a priority to a good leader. While there may be an established schedule to meet with staff members, they’re also not frustrated if an emergency comes up and someone needs their help.

Always have an open door policy and deal with things constructively and timely.

Good Leaders Prioritize & Organize

As a good leader you need to set priorities and be well organized on a daily basis.

These principles apply to your work, but also aspects of your life outside of the office.

Your family is always important, and by developing good time management skills you will be able to nicely balance them with your work.

Good Leaders Overcome Obstacles & Deal Well With Complaints

A good leader will have the skills to get past obstacles, or be able to conquer them completely.

Don’t let negativity slow you down.

As a good leader, you should take in the positive energy and avert any negative energy.

You’ll probably hear every manner of complaint as a leader. You won’t want to hear every issue that people have, but your leadership position means that you’ll have to.

Retain the good, and discard the bad.

You can find tons of information about developing the skills necessary for good leadership. Read books, attend seminars and classes, and talk with people who have already established themselves as a good leader.