When it comes to using credit cards everyone has different opinions about them.

Some people say that they use their credit card to pay for everything they buy, including a pack of gum.

Some say they only use their credit card for large purchases such as booking travel or renting a car.

Others say they prefer to carry cash and they either leave their credit cards at home, or they do not even have a credit card.

And then there is another group of people, and that is the group that have a poor credit rating or have declared bankruptcy, and they do not qualify for a credit card.

Those that do not qualify for a credit card, have a few options when it comes to purchases.

They too can use cash, or they can use a debit card.

But what if they want to book a hotel or rent a car? Will the hotel let them use their debit card over the phone to reserve a room?

Not usually.

So now what?

The answer is for them to get a prepaid credit card which they can use exactly like any other credit card. And you may not be aware of this but there are many advantages to using a prepaid credit card, especially ones that are issued by pockit.com.

The Advantages of Using a Prepaid Credit Card

  • You do not need to complete a credit application.
  • You can earn cashback rewards on your everyday purchases, both in store and online.
  • You can use it to book a hotel or rent a car.
  • You can use it to shop online.
  • If you carry cash and lose it, especially when traveling, it is gone forever. If you carry a prepaid credit card and lose it, you call and cancel it. A new one will be sent to you.
  • With a prepaid credit card you load as much cash as you wish to spend and you can top this up at any time online or via telephone.
  • A prepaid credit card also provides you with the same security as a traditional credit card as it uses the Chip and Pin system.
  • You are not spending more than what you can afford at any given time.
  • Get discounts on insurance, gas and electricity, broadband, travel, and optical and dental care.

Have you ever needed to use a prepaid credit card? Would you use one if you didn’t qualify for a traditional one?