I know whenever I hear the word “redecorate” I instantly think about how expensive it will be. But the truth is that with some wise planning and careful shopping, you can do some redecorating without spending huge amounts of money. Here are some frugal redecorating tips to help you get started on things around your house or apartment.

Frugal Redecorating Tips For Your Home

Window Coverings

Shop for window coverings such as blinds and drapery panels at big box stores like Bed, Bath, Home Depot and Lowes.

They have a lovely selection for a fraction of what you would pay for custom window treatments, and they always come with easy to install instructions.

All you need is a measuring tape and a screw driver.


One of the best frugal redecorating tips I know is how to save money on paint by purchasing  “mistinted” paint.

Did you know that you could buy “mistinted” paint?

The next time you want to paint a room in your home ask the paint department at Home Depot or Lowes if you can look at their “mistinted” paint selection.

As long as you are not overly fussy about the paint color you want, you will most likely find some very nice choices. And instead of paying $40 for a gallon of paint you will pay $7 for a gallon of paint.


As you redecorate you will probably want a couple of pieces of new furniture. Before you run out and and spend all kinds of money on “brand new” furniture, consider, shopping at garage sales and estate sales.

Find furniture that is good quality but in rough shape so that the price will be lower.

Then take the pieces home and refinish them so that they look like new.


Add some large mirrors to your rooms.

Again, shop at thrift stores or garage sales for old mirrors where the glass still looks great, and refinish the frames yourself in whatever color scheme you prefer.


A simple, yet frugal redecorating tip, is to replace your outdated light fixtures or ceiling fans with new, inexpensive ones that you will find at discount department stores.

Modern light fixtures from the big box stores will look expensive, but they will cost you a fraction of the price that you would pay at a lighting store.


Need some new artwork to decorate your walls?

Grab your camera and head outside to a nearby park or to the zoo and take a bunch of photos.

Take close-ups as well, as they always look nice.

When you get home, scan through them on your computer and choose a few that you love.

Get them developed in a large size such as 30 inches by 30 inches, or whatever suits you.

Then go to Michaels craft store and get them framed. Quite often they offer 50 to 60% off of framing materials, and you can pick and choose exactly how you want them to look.


You can easily update worn out throw pillows in your family room by making new covers for them.

Look for nice vintage fabrics like ticking, linen tea towels and bedroom pillow cases that can easily be made into new pillow covers with basic sewing skills.

Or, buy fabrics on sale, and only buy enough to make the number of new covers that you need.

Your pillows will look brand new again.

Frugal redecorating tips for your home.

Dining Room

Would you love a nice cabinet for your dining room without spending a bundle?

Check out a used furniture store for an old dresser, or chest of drawers, and refinish it.

Again, you can save money by using mistinted paint for this job.


Brighten up any room in your home with fresh cut flowers from your garden or your local grocery store. I loved doing this before we had cats.

Slip Covers

Slip cover old chairs and sofas instead of buying expensive new furniture. Select fabric that is wrinkle resistant, and easy to work with.

Use These Frugal Redecorating Tips to Make a Plan & Spend Wisely

When you want to redecorate your home, but want to spend less at the same time, do your redecorating in stages, instead of doing it all at once.

Begin by making a list of all of the items that you need and then keep an eye out for sales at your local stores and online. And as you plan things out, consider doing one room at a time so that it will be easier on you and on your wallet.


You can easily redecorate your home on a budget. Here are 11 frugal redecorating tips to help you start redecorating your home. Learn more!