Do you love it when someone pays you a compliment? Something so simple, such as “you look amazing in that suit”, or “have you been working out? you look wonderful”. A few simple yet sincere words can quickly take someone from a ho hum day to an excellent day. It will boost their self-esteem and they will smile and feel like they can tackle anything that day. And here’s the thing; it only take a few minutes to stop and show your gratitude by complimenting the people you come in contact with.

When someone receives a compliment it reinforces that they have done something right and that their efforts are being appreciated.

Compliment People You Work With

When I worked in the corporate world I always noticed that there were two types of managers.

We had the ones who showed their staff how much they appreciated them for a job well done and then there were also managers who just expected the job to get done without any acknowledgement whatsoever.

I specifically remember sitting in on a phone conference one day and one of the managers asked me “why do I have to tell the project team that they did a good job, isn’t getting a pay cheque at the end of the week enough?”.

Is getting paid to do your job enough for you?

I know it wasn’t enough for me. The big pay cheque didn’t put a smile on my face. The pleasant phone call or email that I received from the Director that I worked with which said “thanks for all of your hard work” was what put a smile on my face and boosted my self confidence.

Here are some examples of how to express your gratitude with those that you work with:

  • “The client really loved the presentation you gave today.”
  • “Thanks for staying late today. I don’t know what we would have done without your great help.”
  • “Thanks very much for fixing my computer so quickly. You are a lifesaver!”

Adding a personal touch to the office by giving compliments can be a huge motivator. Your colleagues will trust and respect you far more than anyone else in the office.

Compliment Your Family

How often do we rush around at home to get things done and forget to show our appreciation to our loved ones? Do we pay each other compliments or do we take others in our home for granted? Expressing your gratitude to those you love has a dual purpose: it shows how grateful you are to have them in your life while at the same time acknowledging the special work they’ve done.

compliment your family for a job well done

Here are some examples of how to express your gratitude at home:

  • “My compliments to the chef for making another delicious dinner.”
  • “Thanks for cleaning the kitchen tonight. You did a great job!”
  • “Wow, your room looks so nice and clean. Thanks for getting that done this week.”
  • “It is so nice to come home to find a clean house and dinner waiting in the oven. Thanks you guys!”

As well, remember to compliment one another’s appearance. You look beautiful, you look adorable, I love the way you did your hair today, you have the most beautiful blue eyes, nice sweater.

Everyone needs to hear compliments. It doesn’t matter if it is your parents, your spouse, or your kids. People love to feel appreciated, and everyone needs their self-confidence boosted now and then.

If you struggle to get your family to pitch in around the house, instead of getting annoyed, try complimenting them. Find something positive to say that will boost their self-esteem, which will make other things in their life so much easier to deal with. Ask them to do a specific task and then remember to follow-up right away by saying “you did a wonderful job, thanks very much”.

If your kids serve you breakfast in bed on Sunday morning, thank them and tell them how delicious it is even if all you can really think about is how messy the kitchen probably is.

Children and adults alike are encouraged to help more if they are complimented and receive positive acknowledgement. Hearing compliments on a regular basis also teaches children how to appreciate the people in their lives.

Compliment Strangers

In today’s society very few people take the time to strike up a conversation with a total stranger. Perhaps it is because as children we are taught not to speak to strangers.

While it may not always work, many times you will find that, if for example, you let another person go ahead of you at the checkout at the grocery store, they will smile and say thank you. It may even lead to a quick friendly conversation while you both wait for the cashier to ring in their items.

We have to remember that people are brought into our lives everyday for a variety of reasons, and you can genuinely affect someone’s mood just by being nice to them.

Of course, you probably shouldn’t divulge your entire life’s story the first time you meet someone (which I guess could happen if you are flirting with someone new at a bar), but what you can do is notice something good about a person and tell them.

Show your gratitude for meeting this person because this experience just might teach you something new about yourself.

Here are a few examples of things you can look for to give a sincere compliment about:

  • Is the person a sharp dresser?
  • Is he a genuinely nice person to others?
  • Are the person’s children very well-behaved?
  • Did you see the person do a kind act for someone else?

The key to expressing your gratitude is opening your eyes to seeing the simple gifts in your day.

By paying attention to the actions of those around you, you’ll help others gain confidence.

It only takes a moment to notice something small about someone but those few words can certainly make a difference in that person’s day.

Make a goal to compliment at least one person each and every day. You’ll start appreciating the small things in life and you’ll brighten up someone else’s day at the same time. And when someone compliments you, don’t deny or dismiss the compliment. Say thank you!