There’s no denying that the gig economy is taking the world by storm. With estimates that over 40% of the entire global workforce could be in a gig economy role by 2020, it’s safe to say it’s a profitable industry that could be well worth your attention.

If you hate your job, despise the idea of working for someone else, and lining their pockets when you could be doing something for yourself and earning money to pay for your life, the gig economy could be a great place to start. However, where do you start? How do you crack into the industry? In this guide today, we’re going to show you how.

Finding Your Niche

There are plenty of gig opportunities out there for you to explore, but if you want to succeed and you want to make a fortune, you need to find a niche you’re passionate about and an area where you have the skills to succeed. Do you have a special hobby or passion? Are you currently in a job, such as a graphic designer or web designer or photographer, where you already have the skills that get work?

Focus on these areas and skills you have, and start looking for work in these areas. Doing what you’re best at will be the best way to make an income and succeed at doing it. There are also plenty of opportunities here at How to Make Money Fast: 100+ Ideas, if you’re looking for interesting industries you could get into!

Setting Yourself Up

The best place to start when it comes to working in the gig economy is signing up to online job boards and networks where companies will post paying gigs they have available. There are plenty of websites that offer these services, such as Freelancer, Upwork, or People Per Hour.

Sign up for free, create a profile, and then start looking through jobs that would suit your set of skills. Contact the clients, detail what services you can offer, but more on that later. Start finding and applying for jobs, and sooner or later, you’ll have found your first one!

Being a Business

Even though you’re working for yourself and earning money this way, in the eyes of the world and your clients, you’re still a business, so it’s important you act like the business you want to act like. This means developing a brand for yourself, talking a certain way in emails, and treating yourself as a business; however, you want to portray yourself!

Getting Yourself in Check

While going out to work, working set hours of the day and having a routine is relatively easy because you’re just following what you’ve been told to do. However, when you’re working for yourself, you need to create this routine yourself, and have the discipline to follow through with it.

This can take time, and you’ll need to be strict with yourself to make sure you stick with it until it becomes a habit. The best ideas include getting a proper amount of sleep, eating at certain times, making sure you get lots of exercise and work a set number of hours per day.

Expand and Grow

Now the basics are down; it’s all up to you! Make sure you’re collecting reviews and testimonials from past customers to showcase your skills and experiences to your new customers, and you’ll start growing in no time! The more you work, the more you’ll be able to charge, and the higher and higher up the ranks you’ll go!


Now it’s over to you! With this information beside you, you should be able to enter the gig economy and start working hard to become a success! Good luck on your journey, and welcome to this new chapter of your life!