While Christmas is meant to be a time filled with joy and love, for many around the world, it can also be very stressful, due to all the extra expenses. You can make it less stressful and more fun, by finding ways to quickly make money in time for Christmas. The thing is, you need to start today, in order to be ready. No big deal. We’re here to help you get ready, quickly, to make enough money in time for Christmas.

The economy is on the rebound and people are spending money. For you, that is a bonus, because it means people are shopping, taking vacations, planning parties, and spending lots of time with friends and family.

In order to do all that, they are spending more cash, and most likely, some of them are taking time off from work.

Perfect opportunities for you to step in, and quickly make money in time for Christmas, so that you can also, enjoy the holidays this year, with your family and friends.

Quickly Make Money in Time for Christmas – Here’s How

Temporary Office Jobs

Quite often office staff are needed on a temporary basis to cover full-time staff that are going on vacation before and during Christmas.

If this interests you, stop by places like Manpower, or other job placement agencies in your city and drop off your resume, and register for temp office jobs.

Make sure to let them know when you are available, what parts of the city you can work in, and how flexible you are.

Seasonal Retail Jobs

Are you ready to quickly make money in time for Christmas?

If you just nodded yes, and you’re prepared to work for it, instead of waiting for Santa Claus to bring you some cash, there are many ways to make money during the next several months.

Whether you want to buy more Christmas presents, or pay off the holiday debt on your credit cards quicker, the most obvious way to increase your income is with a part-time or full-time retail job.


Because this is the time of the year many retail outlets are looking for seasonal temporary staff to help them out with the increased business demands associated with the holidays and end of year sales.

Most often they are looking for staff for evening and weekends, because that is their busiest time.

If that fits in with your schedule, and you truly want to make money for Christmas, get yourself into the nearest shopping mall, and apply at all of the shops. You will be surprised at how many jobs you are offered right now.

Party Planning and Prep Staff

As well, many catering companies book a huge number of parties for Christmas and New Years and need people to work as bartenders, prep staff, waiters and cooks.

Search for party planners online in your city and contact them to discuss options and requirements.

Understand that the most popular ones will obviously be the busiest.

This is both good and bad for you. Good, because they will need more help. Bad, because they have less time to talk to people right now.

So make it easy for them.

Keep your conversations with them, short and to the point, but also ensure that they enjoy speaking to you, and would love to meet you and hire you.

Tips to Help You Find Seasonal Work and Quickly Make Money In Time For Christmas

  • Can you work full-time or part-time? Before you even begin job hunting, determine how many hours you can work between now and the rest of the year, and what type of work you want to do.
  • Get out there now, and apply for jobs. Call catering companies in your area. Visit grocery stores and stores in your local shopping centers, and get your applications out there as soon as you can.
  • Show that you are interested and excited. When you go for an interview tell them that you like the company and look forward to learning new skills. Tell them that you enjoy working with people. Never say that you are just looking for a quick way to make extra money for Christmas. Even though they already know that, they want to hire people that will do a good job, not slackers that are just there for the money
  • Dress to impress. Even if the job that you are applying for doesn’t require you to be dressed up you should still dress nicely for the interview. Showing up in jeans and a t-shirt is so wrong, unless you are looking for work on a beach as a lifeguard.
  • Keep your options open. Once you begin your new job work hard at keeping busy and making a good impression. Why? Because you might find that once you begin working there that you really like your new job and would like to continue working there after Christmas has come and gone. And even if there is no option to work there after the holidays, it is always nice to have a good job reference should you ever need one in the future.

Start Your Own Small Business to Quickly Make Money In Time For Christmas

Another excellent way to make money in time for Christmas is to setup your own small business based on all of the services that people need at this time of the year.

Years ago it was difficult to start a small business and quickly get the word out there so that money starts coming in quickly.

But of course, today, with the help of the Internet, anyone, and I mean anyone, can start a small business, based on their skills.

And they can quickly spread the word online to find customers, setup a PayPal account, or Square account, to receive payments, and then get to work, and make extra money this Christmas.

Create a small business around any of the following ideas:

  • Setup your own small catering company for small events
  • Sell your services as a party planner
  • Offer to do other people’s Christmas gift shopping
  • Hang Christmas lights and decorate homes or offices for Christmas
  • Bake and sell cakes, cupcakes and Christmas cookies
  • Wrap Christmas gifts
  • Pet sitting and house sitting
  • Babysitting
  • Create and sell Gourmet Christmas baskets
  • Create and sell Christmas Crafts at local Christmas fairs
  • Organize, sign, and mail Christmas cards for businesses or personal use
  • Offer to do other people’s grocery shopping for Christmas – busy people do hire others to shop for them
  • Sewing – Sew beautiful tablecloths, napkins, table runners, throw cushions, Christmas stockings
  • Knitting – Knit scarves, sweaters, blankets, baby clothes, doll clothes.

Direct Sales Companies

At Christmas people love shopping online, as you already know.

And today, many direct sales companies make it very easy to shop online, which makes it very easy for their sales reps to make money quickly.

You can easily stay at home, and use social media to host online parties, post sales events, new product events, and engage with friends, and friends of friends.

Help your friends get all of their Christmas shopping done, simply by showing them the products you are selling.

Your help will mean the world to them. And as a result, you will make money that you can then use to pay for Christmas this year.

The most popular direct sales companies as of now, that offer a huge selection of products for Christmas are Thirty-One Gifts and Avon.

You could join one, or both of them, and quickly make money in time for Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed this ultimate guide on how to quickly make money in time for Christmas. Good luck, and have fun. Whatever you choose to do, to make money, I know you will be very busy this year.

Quickly Make Money In Time for Christmas: Ultimate Guide