Summer is here and it is getting hot across many parts of North America. It is actually predicted to be as hot here today as it will be in some parts of Texas. But nowhere near as hot as what it is supposed to be in Las Vegas all this week.

Years ago our city didn’t experience very many hot days during the summer, or at least that is how the story goes.

But over the past 15 years the summers have been getting warmer and more humid. Even so, most of the houses in our city do not have central air.

Not having A/C is both good and bad, especially like today, when it is suppose to hit 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees F).

Yes, we will save money by not having an air conditioner running all day, but at the same time, it will become difficult to get stuff done.

So, at times like this we have to find creative ways to help keep our house cooler.

If you want to save money this summer, instead of running your air conditioner 24×7, consider these affordable tips to keep your home cooler:

Block Out the Sun

blackout curtains keep your home cooler

It’s a lot cheaper to keep the heat out than to find ways to cool down a room that’s already high in temperature. If you can, try to keep the house in the shade.

Apart from planting trees outside your windows, the next best option is to use black-out draperies or blinds.

It’s especially important to keep the window coverings closed during the hottest times of the day.

Stop Using Your Oven

Stop using the oven for the time being.

You’ll have to find different means to cook because the oven really increases the temperature in the house.

If you like, you can BBQ outside, or start putting your slow cooker to good use.

Another easy meal to make for dinner is cold salads like potato or pasta salad, served with your family’s favorite type of sandwiches.

Open Your Windows, Instead of Running Your A/C

Of course, this is best done when the sun isn’t beating down on your house. It’s not that complicated, but timing is essential.

Opening up the windows means air circulates and you’re not stuck with hot air. It works best when you have a ceiling fan to improve circulation.

Unplug Unnecessary Electronic Gadgets

Did you know that unused devices actually give off heat, as long as they are plugged in? Turn them off and remove the plug. The best way to lower the temperature is to turn all these gadgets off as long as they’re not in use.

It might seem like a small gesture, but it works. Besides, it helps lower your electric bill, too.

Get the Air Circulating

Increase air circulation inside the house. The best thing to do is to get a ceiling fan. It’s a cheaper alternative to air conditioning. Moving air helps improve the way you feel. You won’t be hot and clammy with a ceiling fan keeping the room cool.

window fan to keep home cooler

If you do not have A/C you should also look into getting the type of fans that fit into your window sill.

We open our windows and then place these fans up against the window screen and as it draws the air in and creates cold air that makes the room more appealing.

Set It and Forget It

If you choose to use your air conditioner in your home, don’t mess with the thermostat too much. Set it, and forget it. Some people make the mistake of constantly changing their thermostat throughout the day. This isn’t just expensive; it’s also quite bad for the environment and does nothing to improve the temperature in your house.

Seal Your Windows and Doors

If you are using an air conditioner then you definitely want to keep your windows and doors closed. And you especially do not want any hot air coming in through any gaps around your windows and doors.

You should check not just the windows but also the areas surrounding your air conditioner.

These small leaks can cost you a lot because you’re air conditioning the neighborhood instead of just your house. Get a professional to fix these leaks for ensured efficiency.

Don’t Use Dryers

It’s a good idea to air-dry things during the summer. Dryers use a lot of energy, and they also put out a lot of heat. An outdoor clothes line is a good alternative too.