As the price of gas continues to rise it is extremely important for all of us to find ways to spend less money on gas.  In most cases purchasing gasoline so we can get around is a necessity, unless of course you have good access to transit. But what can someone on a tight budget do if they want to spend less money on gas? Implement these simple changes, and I know you will spend less money on gas, which means more money in your bank account.

Organize Your Trips

Instead of running errands or doing grocery shopping everyday, choose one or two days in your week and organize all of your appointments, errands and shopping for those days.

Make a list of everywhere you need to go and plan out your route so that you are not driving around in circles. This is a more efficient use of your time and you will find that you end up spending less money on gas.

Car Pool

If you currently drive to work each day could you car pool with other employees instead? This can actually turn out to be fun, if you car pool with people that you enjoy talking to.

Also, if you drive your kids to school each day and to other activities, such as soccer practice or dance lessons, could you and the other parents take turns driving a group of your kids to school, and all of their activities?

By setting up a schedule, and taking turns doing this, you will spend less money on gas, and you will also free up some personal time for yourself. Nice added bonus.

Dump the Weight

Do you tend to carry a lot of excess cargo in your trunk or in the back seat of your vehicle?

Do you have a rooftop rack for skis or bikes?

Did you know that the excess cargo causes your vehicle to burn more gas?

Take some time to go through your vehicle and remove anything that you do not use on a regular basis.

Do a good cleanup and reorganize the stuff that you have to have with you. Also, remove the rooftop racks, and only have them on the roof of your vehicle on the days you are using them.

Maintain the Speed Limit

The faster you drive the more gas you burn.

The more gas you burn the more money you spend.

And you especially burn more gas if you tend to speed away from stop signs and stop lights as if you are driving a race car.

Instead, leave a little earlier next time, and follow the speed limits.

This will help you burn less gas, drive more safely, and save money.


Always make sure the maintenance for your vehicle is up-to-date.

Check your tire pressure every month or so to make sure all of your tires are at the weight that they should be at, and that the tire tread is optimal.

If you find yourself spending hundreds of dollars a month on gas, give some of the above suggestions a try and see how much money you are able to save.